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Royal Race Event
2015-09-08 09:41:00 / Events

Roll into battle to help your fellow players complete 700,000 battles in the new British tank destroyers. Also, load up for an epic mission in one of the new TDs that you can complete on your own.

It’s an outstanding time to battle in the new British tank destroyers! Destroy an enemy vehicle in a winning game and you’ll earn a 300 XP bonus. This bonus is available 10 times per day! 

Starts: Wednesday, September 9, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET
Ends: Friday, September 18, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET Event Missions Server-Wide Mission:

Play 700,000 battles over nine days in the new British Tank Destroyers (tiers V – X). Don’t worry, you’ve got help: the whole server is fighting together! You must play a minimum of 25 complete battles to qualify for the Premium time.

Reward: Five (5) days of Premium time awarded server-wide if conditions are met.

Play at least 25 complete battles while commanding any of the following new British Tank Destroyers:
TD V AT 2 TD VI AT 8 TD VII AT 7 TD VIII AT 15 TD IX Tortoise TD X FV215b Individual Mission:

Destroy at least one enemy vehicle in a winning battle.

Reward: 300 Vehicle XP per completion

Limit 10 times per day New British Tank Destroyers, tiers V – X only
TD V AT 2 TD VI AT 8 TD VII AT 7 TD VIII AT 15 TD IX Tortoise TD X FV215b CC_Sly Interview

Lephturn, host of the Tank Boom Podcast asks Wargaming Staff Member CC_Sly about his mysterious origins and tank preferences! 

Server-Wide Mission: Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to play 25 or more battles in a single tank or can I spread them across any of the new British Tank Destroyers?
You can spread them across all new British Tank Destroyers from Tier V to X. What happens if we hit the goal of 700,000 battles before September 18th? What happens if we don’t hit (700,000) battles? 
If completed early, the event will end in victory, but if you don’t hit the goal by the end of the mission, no one will receive the reward. What happens if I don’t have 25 or more battles when we hit (700,000) battles?
You will not be eligible for the Premium reward, sorry. When will the 5 Days of Premium start?
The 5 days of Premium will be awarded at a later date announced after the goal has been reached. Stay tuned! Can I get the Gold equivalent of the 5 days of Premium instead?
No, this will not be an option. Will Facebook, Google Play, or Demo accounts have their battles count towards the goal and be able to receive the reward?
Yes, they will. Can I have the Premium time delivered at a different date? I will not have access to the game until later.
No, the Premium time will be delivered to everyone at the same time, and start ticking down from the moment it is awarded. How can I track our progress?
Visit the front page of wotblitz.com! I had 25 battles done once we hit 700,000 battles but did not receive the Premium time. What do I do?
Please contact our Customer Support via the in-game option, or on our web portal.


Halonen’s Challenge! – September 9 – September 18

Medal Contest – Players earn a Halonen’s Medal, take a screenshot, and share it on the forums 

To earn a Halonen’s medal: “Destroy at least 3 enemy tanks or tank destroyers with a tank destroyer in one battle.”

Reward: Every valid participant in any tank will win a sum of 300 gold, and if you do it in one of the new British TD’s of any tier, you will earn an extra 200 gold.

The targets must be at least one tier higher than the player’s tank destroyer.

Winners will be announced September 23.

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