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Hello warriors,

RU server does get a free day of premium during their history event. It goes like this: RU server has this initiative called Pomnim vse (“Remember everything”) where they do a lot of interesting stuff regarding the Russian (Soviet) history. Amongst other things, they:

– create and promote historical awareness, historical articles and such
– collect volunteers to clean up historical sites, museums, parks and such
– make interviews with WW2 veterans (not only Russian ones, but also Polish, Czechoslovak and German)

It’s all naturally very “proud to be Russian” (patriotic) but overall it is a very good initiative. As a part of it, if you log in to their site (using WG RU ID) and share/repost/tweet (or something) the news about the site, you will get a freed day of premium. Not bad!

Unfortunately, due to the absence of such a program on EU, it’s almost certain we will get no such thing.

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