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Hello warriors,

this post is a followup on the recently published issue, where Wargaming threatens social network groups with bans, if they publish content from other games (specifically Armored Warfare).

The large group (145k subscribers) in question in the wake of this incident announced they would not submit to Wargaming pressure and that they will rename the group not to include the words “World of Tanks”. Other such groups (with 770k subscribers total) have joined this effort, announcing that next step is on Wargaming.

As someone who can see the scars of no freedom of speech, that has many familiars that were alive and struggled during Portuguese dictatorship when they could not even talk their minds at their own table, including my great-grandmother who I had the pleasure to have near until her 90’s and who had to raise 6 kids by herself because PIDE (International Police and State Defense) hunted down her husband for information, yeah, I do support this group decision at 100%.
I understand Wargaming is a company and has to protect their interests, I respect that, but this is not the way to do things.


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