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Hello warriors,

as you probably well know, World of Warplanes turned out to be one huge failure. On Russian server, the number of players online was around 30k – but ever since, it has dropped to roughly 4-6k. A couple of players therefore decided to make a petition to the Wargaming CEO, Viktor Kisly – they want him to “save the game”. The players complain that the game becomes worse and worse each patch, FPS drops more and more and the game looks terrible. The are also complaining about the wonky plane physics. The solution they propose is to fire the incompetent development team and to fix the bugs in the game. Oddly enough, they also demand the moderators to be investigated (and fired) for “incompetence”. Considering Wargaming practically already pulled the plug on this project, there is very little chance that this petition will change anything. Still, if you want to participate, the link is here:


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