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1. General Regulations game event “Armageddon”

1.1. World Events “Armageddon” will be held from June 11, 6:00 (GMT) until June 21, 6:00 (GMT) on a special card, which works alongside the regular Global Map the standard rules.

To take part in the event are all clans – as already existing and established since its inception.

1.2. Main features of the game events, “Armageddon” and the differences from the standard rules of the Global Map:

  • All fighting game event held only VIII level on technique.
  • There are no riots.
  • added new province of headers .
  • The number of seats in the landing tournaments increased to 128 (except for the period of “division of the world”).
  • Disable freezing equipment.
  • There is a possibility to remove chips in the pool without penalty.
  • There is a possibility to participate in the tournaments landing, having captured the province on the Global Map.
  • There are no regions of North America and the Arctic Circle.

1.3. On the day of the event, 11 [1,999,005] June at 6:00 (GMT) , a special card is included mode “redivision of the world”:

  • All provinces are available for landing.
  • intelligence and counterintelligence are included.
  • The maximum number of applications to participate in the landing – 32 .
  • If in the course of the tournament for landing a fight with the owner of a draw, the province enters into possession of the clan-applicant.

1.4. “redivision of the world” ends June 12 at 6:00 am (GMT) . After that come into force the rules of game event “Armageddon.”

  • If in the course of the tournament for landing a fight with the owner of a draw, the province remains the owner.

1.5. playing two global gold cards will be merged into one fund and distributed among the provinces as follows:

  • The yield of the main provinces of the Global Map will be reduced to a minimum:
    • landing province – 48.
    • Conventional province – 72.
    • The provinces with high profitability – 480.
  • Yields all provinces Global card in the event of “Armageddon” will be increased to 960

2. Special rules

event “Armageddon” will take place on the basis of sequential tasks that each clan gets individually:

  • landed on the card to capture the Control Center to get information about the next job.
  • Grab the province for the aircraft, “Belluzzo drive.”
  • Capture the next province, which is the launch pad. With the province clan moves to a secret landing in New Swabia region.
  • After winning the competition on landing in New Swabia, a foothold for the development of the offensive.
  • Grab the province with the reactor feed Baikonur.
  • has conquered province from the Baikonur travel to a new global map.
  • Hold Baikonur, capture the remaining reactors to continue this success.

2.1. Global map event “Armageddon”

2.1.1. When you open the card will be asked to choose a clan supporting the prime time in which it will operate. Select reference primetime can only Commander and his deputy and only started the first job quest. At the same time the clans will be able to take action on a global map, without taking any of the game tasks. Select game tasks clan can throughout the game event.

2.1.2. After the selection of prime-time reference is made, the clan will be randomly assigned landing Province, which will be the first step of the job. In this province will be in the Control Center.

2.1.3. Since then, as a reference primetime confirmed by an authorized person of the clan, it is believed that the clan took up the quest.

The same starting province can be a target for a number of clans. Thus, each of them will receive their individual task.

4. If during the “division of the world” clan has applied for vysadochnyj tournament and was among the contenders, he will automatically be given a new assignment at the province within Disembarkation selected primetime. In the future, if the clan has applied for vysadochnyj tournament, but did not get into the queue, its chips are transferred to vysadochnyj tournament which will be held the next day in the province.

2.1.5. In the event that for one course on the same starting province filed more applications than the remaining free space to participate in the tournament starting soon, a priority for the tournament will be have clans, for which this province is the starting target.

2.1.6 . The first stage is met if the clan won vysadochnyj tournament and established his headquarters in the province of landing. On the job assigned 36 game turns after getting the job.

2.1.7. The first stage is considered failed if:

  • Clan has not submitted an application for landing.
  • The clan is not ranked in the place of the tournament upsetting.
  • Clan lost in landing the tournament.
  • Clan withdrew from the card.

If a clan fails Stage 1, he will be given the new job of the first phase immediately after one of the events mentioned above occurred.

2.1.8. When the clan first performed quest task: to land on the map, grab the controls and put his bet, he gets the next task – to take the province in which he will be able to collect drive Belluzzo. This province will be selected randomly from among the neighboring Control Center. Target province for this quest can be administered within 1 hours from the reference primetime. If the target province is landing, then it is necessary to capture the clan to apply for participation in the tournament, landing and pass it. The province will be considered captured after her clan will be offered rate. To fulfill this task given to the game 36 moves.

2.1.9 . Once the clan moves his headquarters in the province of the Control Center on the province disk Belluzzo, for it opens next quest Province – Launch pad, which borders the province where the drive Belluzzo, and will be selected at random. Clan need to grab the pad and move on it your bid. Target province for this quest can be administered within 1 hours from the reference primetime. If the target province is landing, then it is necessary to capture the clan to apply for participation in the tournament, landing and pass it. The province will be considered captured after her clan will be offered rate. On a quest given to 36 gaming moves from its receipt.

2.1.10. Capture the launch pad provides an opportunity to move to a special gaming area – New Swabia. Move to New Swabia possible, with at least 15 chips in the clan.

2.1.11. Quest is considered failed if the rate of Clan will be lost and will go to the reserve at any of the stages of implementation. In this case, the clan will get a new job the first stage, even if he owns the provinces on the map.

2.1.12. When the clan missed the allotted time and do not have time to bet on the move captured quest province, he issued a new job the same level: randomly selects a new province, bordering on the province where the Rate clan. This clan begins a quest to the point at which it stopped.

2.2. New Swabia

2.2.1. New Swabia – special gaming locations in which the clans will be able to proceed with the implementation of the main goal of the game events. To get to New Swabia only through Bridgehead, which becomes available after the capture of the launch pad.

2.2.2 . The clan that seized launching pad, will automatically be removed from the map at a fixed time – 6:00 (GMT). All of his chips and bet will be sent to the reserve and will remain active. After that, the clan will be automatically directed to the bridgehead vysadochnyj tournament – the provinces that are on the perimeter of the Secret of the complex, consisting of a reactor and the spaceport. Clan points for a foothold charged only at the first landing in the New Swabia. To move to the province Bridgehead clan must be exposed rate in the province of the launch pad.

2.2.3. When the clan was stamped on the stage of the tournament for the bridgehead, or stamped with the provinces of New Swabia, it will automatically be directed to a landing on the beachhead on the condition that the reserve clan has 15 active chips . If the required number of active chips not, clan issuing the 1st level event on the Global Map “Armageddon.” The number of attempts is not limited. In case of a tie in the battle for the province Bridgehead it goes attacking clan.

2.2.4. When a foothold clan-winner offers the opportunity to attack the reactor – part of a secret complex, for whose capture the clan Points are awarded fame.

2.2.5 . The main purpose of the event is to capture the Spaceport, which is surrounded by the provinces of reactors. Owning cosmodrome, clans are able to capture the remaining reactors get points Fame with an increased coefficient of x4. By itself, the capture Cosmodrome does not give extra points of Fame.

Reacquisition Reactor brings clan Points of Fame.

2.3. Additional missions

2.3.1. Clan Fame Points can be earned not only the fulfillment of the quest tasks, but also creating obstacles to competitors.

2.3.2. will be available to perform the following additional missions:

  • “Seek and Destroy” – to clear the Global card in the reserve rate of the clan, get a second or third job quest. If the rate of Clan went to the reserve, clan, has beaten her in his piggy bank gets extra points of Fame.
  • “The Guardian” – repel the attacks of the clan (clan) in the province who are their targets.

more clearly the rules of the event reflected on infographics:


“dummy” fights are in violation of the rules and will be punished by a complete write-off Points glory both clan and with participants in the battle as well as the blocking game accounts of violators.

In the event of dispute on the scoring of Fame (suspected “false”, and so the battle. D.) The administration of the game retains the right to request a record of combat, screenshots and other information relating to this situation. If the requested information is not provided, the administration takes a decision on your own. We strongly recommend that you include in the game settings the option “Record fights to play.”

3. Points of Fame

3.1. performing game tasks and participating in regular battles, clan gets their asset Fame Points according to the following conditions:

fulfill the conditions
Clan Points glory
carry out the task “Control Center” (landing area) 50,000
carry out the task “Belluzzo Disc” 300 000
carry out the task “launch pad” 500 000
Captured bridgehead (first landing in the New Swabia) 1000000
Captured reactor 1000000
perform additional mission “Seek and Destroy” 3000
perform additional mission of “Guardian” 500

Also, after each battle clan Fame Points will be awarded in an amount equal to the one obtained Players who participated in the battle.

If, with the chips on the territory of the clan did not come to fight, then after the second absenteeism, he will be fined 10% of the total amount of clan fame Points for each subsequent time to fight absenteeism. This is done to protect active clans from possible rivals to fight absenteeism.
Information about the glasses glory recruited clan, will be available in the next move after their preparation and will be updated every hour.

Personal Fame Points will be awarded according to the following formula:

Fame Points = EXP x BTC x SBC x QPC where:

  • EXP – the experience gained in the battle clan (total experience of all the fighters in the battle, divided by 15) is counted without regard to a premium account and bonuses for the shares;
  • BTC – coefficient of type of battle;
  • SBC – coefficient level quest,
  • QPC – the coefficient of the fight, which depends on whether the province target for the clan.

3.3. All of multiplying factors, which act in the course of the game events are shown in the table below. The total number of Fame Points are calculated after applying coefficients. When calculating the total number of Fame Points, all the coefficients are multiplied.

Odds type of battle (BTC)

fulfill the conditions
The increase in personal
Points of Fame
Participation in the tournament battles for landing during the event “Armageddon” x1
Multiattack province x5
Counter battle x5
The Battle of the province, in Vol. H. The battle with the owner in the event of landing x5
Battle of landing a tournament since the semi-finals – only for clan players, performing a second or third job if clan target province is landing and the battle takes place on the landing of the province x5

Odds quest level (SBC)

fulfill the conditions
The increase in personal
Points of Fame
Participation in the battle for control center x1
part in the battle at the stage of capturing Belluzzo Disc x2
part in the battle at the stage of capturing the launch pad x3
part in the battle at the stage of a foothold and the subsequent Battle of New Swabia x5

Coefficient of battle, that depends on whether the province target for a clan (QPC)

Clan Player
Clan enemy
Task Province Task Province x5
Task Province Plain Province x5
Plain Province Task Province x2
Plain Province Plain Province x1
If a clan is removed from the map, the clan and personal glory Points do not burn.

4. Awards and memorials

Premium tank IS-5 (“Object 730”)

4.1. The main reward for participating in the event will be the 10,000 premium tanks VIII level EC-5 (“Object 730”) , which will be awarded in accordance with the conditions listed below.

4.2. best clans on the results of the event will be awarded a license for a tank. Licenses for a prize will be distributed in the tank depending on the position in the overall standings clan.

Position Clan
The number of licenses
1-3 100
4-10 90
11-30 80
31-60 60
61-100 45
101-144 30
145-314 15

4.3. Premium tank will be awarded to players who scored the highest number of personal points of Fame in his clan and are in the top 30 000 the number of points of fame on the basis of an event. An exception will be clans with 100 licenses – these clans tank will be added to all the players, provided that they are in the top 30, 000.

4.4. When the clan deserved more licenses than the number of soldiers there, the remaining licenses will be distributed among the players, get the highest score of glory, without regard to clan affiliation.

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