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hi friends. There are Russian Kulibin there!

Look, what a beauty:

Aleksandr Pavlov from St. Petersburg teammates built chassis layout of the Soviet T-60!
Weight a little more than a ton. Frame of proftruby trimmed sheet 1.5mm, 2mm sheet on top. Engine Oka. Caterpillar on conveyor belts. Winter between Tracians stuffed and compacted snow, and the upper branch extends in the string. In the mud of this effect is not and looks more plausible to sag. Reducer bridge from Ford Scorpio with drives. Turns hard. Will put the final drives, and the second brake caliper on board.
Tank participated in the military-historical reconstruction.

ходовой макет советского танка Т-60


A specialists from Moscow UFO-Garage tinkering tank MC-1

Watch the video, well krrrrrasota same!

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