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танковый биатлон 2014
Russian soldiers won the first World Championship in biathlon Tank ended Saturday in suburban Alabino (Russia).
Second place also went to the Russian crew, reports RIA “Novosti” .
Third place went to tank crew of Kazakhstan announced during the awards ceremony the chief referee of the competition, Major-General Yuri Petrov.

Winners and prize-awarded personally Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Foreign military attaches praised the organization of the first Russian World Championship Tank biathlon and promised to send their teams for the next competition, reports ITAR-TASS .

“Such competition – it’s a huge experience for all those involved in these teams. For me personally, it’s a great experience. I hope that we will get out of this good lesson “, – told reporters the military attaché in Egypt, Brigadier Khalid Sabri. He thanked the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for the invitation and organization of competitions and said that he hoped to compete in the future.

Pakistan’s military attache, Brigadier General Zia-ud-Din Ahmed Khan came to assess the possibility of the participation of teams from their country’s future year, as well as the technical component of the competition. “This visit gave us a chance to see how the training is conducted in the Russian army tank. The participation of the Pakistani army in the tank biathlon next year will be a big plus and will assess the readiness of our armed forces through this competition, as well as to acquire new knowledge and experience, “- he said.

Head of the Pakistani delegation hopes that this will in the future to further strengthen cooperation between Russia and Pakistan. He thanked the Russian side for the hospitality and invited delegates to Pakistan. “This visit I paid to the Russian Federation, will remain in my memory forever. Russia – a great country, and we have great respect for its people “, – concluded the general.

Chinese team brought in Alabino their tanks. As senior colonel told reporters the People’s Liberation Army of China, Tang Yuan Heh, Chinese tankers are very pleased to have taken part in the Championship, and plan further cooperation. He also noted that the military has been useful to check the technique in China.

From 4 to 16 August 2014 in suburban Alabino (Russia) have passed competitions on the skill of driving tanks and precision target shooting with machine guns and cannons. The championship was attended by representatives of 12 countries: Russia, Angola, Armenia, Belarus, Venezuela, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Kuwait, Mongolia and Serbia. More than 20 countries sent observers here.

Earlier on Sunday, the Defense Ministry said that in the coming years may pass-Army Olympics.

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