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while the European server strictly adheres to not mentioning any of its significant playerbase-related events (such as the battles of the Polish troops or Czechoslovak troops in Soviet Union), Wargaming RU is introducing an event celebrating the liberation of Bratislava and Brno from nazi occupants. 70 years ago, from 25.3. to 5.5.1945, the Bratislava-Brno operation took place on the territory of former Czechoslovakia. The goal of the operation was to liberate the Slovak territory from Germans as well as to take the Moravian city of Brno, an industrial center of the region.

The operation was conducted by the forces of the 2nd Ukraine Front: 40th Army, 53rd Army, 7th Guards Army and 1st Guards Mechanized Cavalry Group as well as 5th Air Army and the Danube Fleet, supported by 1st and 4th Romanian armies. All in all, 340 thousand people, 240 tanks and self-propelled guns, 6100 guns and mortars and 645 airplanes.

The German side comprised of the 8th Army from the “Group South”, which included 29th and 72nd Army Corps and 57th Tank Corps, supported by 4th Air Fleet – 200 thousand men, 120 tanks and SPG’s, 1800 guns and mortars, 145 airplanes. The German forces however were well entrenched, using natural obstacles such as lakes, rivers and hills to their advantage. The situation was made even worse by some of the bodies of water flooding, making them difficult to cross.

In the night from 25th of March, the Soviets crossed the river Hron and captured the staging grounds, used to assemble the main forces of 7th Guards Army and 53rd Army. A day later the breakthrough was initiated by the mechanized forces and on 28th of March, the breakthrough area was already 40km deep and 135km wide. The 40th Army was deployed a bit later, causing the German front to collapse.

On 1st of April, the forces of the 7th Guards Army arrived to Bratislava. The Germans turned the city into a fortress, especially the eastern parts were well fortified. The commander of the operation ordered the Sovet forces to circle around and attack from north-west in order to avoid excessive damage to the civillian area. There was some tough street fighting but on 4th of April, Bratislava was liberated.

Throughout the offensive, the German defenses in Moravia were broken through and by 23rd of April, the army was nearing Brno. The Sovit forces were further reinforced by the 6th Guards Army that participated earlier in the taking of Vienna. The assault on Brno was short – it took only one day (26th of April) and by the evening, the city was free. After that, the Red Army continued north to liberate Olomouc and the fighting there continued until 5th of May. This operation secured the territory from the Germans and allowed the Soviets to advance towards Prague.

On RU server, it’s actually a really nice event which includes:

– discounts on crew retraining
– discount on skill reset
– discount for crew name and face change
– discount for barracks bunks
– multiple crew XP bonus missions
– the ability to get a free rammer

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