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Head of Audio Wargaming Alex Tomanov shares secrets soundtrack World of Tanks.
You know the feeling when you play in World of Tanks without sound? Few are able to get from such a process full enjoyment, because it creates a special mood sound in battle and helps to make a full immersion into the atmosphere of the tank battle. In addition, the audio channel is transmitted through a huge amount of valuable information: the state of the car, injured crew detect enemy equipment and successful penetration – all the information necessary for success in battle. But few people know how to create a game sound design World of Tanks. We decided to find out a few trade secrets from the main sound designer projects and World of Tanks World of Tanks Blitz – Alexei Tomanova.

Secret №1

an audio World of Tanks provide 13 audio subsystems. Each of them is responsible for a different aspect of the game. Motors, caterpillars, shots, hit, destroying equipment, ambient – all these elements sound separately, merging into a single soundscape. Setting their interactions involved in the team of sound designers. This process can be compared with the performance of the orchestra: the musicians playing different instruments, forming a single composition, and coherence among them controls the conductor.

Secret №2

sounds of tank engines in the game World of Tanks Blitz most that neither is true. In order to record them, the team sound designers Wargaming tank visited sites in Belarus, Russia, the United States and Jordan, and has recorded 16 different engines of American, Soviet, German and English art. The plans of the development team – to introduce these records in the “adult” version of the game.

Secret №3

Engines different nations have their own distinctive features pronounced. Soviet motors, usually diesel, so they are quite noisy sound. The timbre of American gasoline tanks resembles the sound of large trucks, and “Germans” are dull roar torn by operating at lower engine speeds.

Secret №4

Record the Tank Engine performed on eight microphones, each of which costs several thousand dollars. Tank on all sides to give light weight recording equipment, then gently goes to the landfill. To expensive “Soup” is not killed under the tracks of a combat vehicle, sound technicians have to try a lot of miles and lime tape.

Secret №5

A year ago, the sound of tank tracks simulated using a jackhammer. The thing is that record the tracks in its pure form is extremely difficult. This is due to the huge mass of additional impurities, mainly process prevents roar of the engine. However, sound designers Wargaming managed to develop a unique technology that allows you to “pull” from the overall sound mix pure sound tracks and synthesize it with the sound of running gear other tanks, getting an unlimited amount of unique sounds.

The secret number 6

Sound tank shot can not be qualitatively record. It is so loud that the membrane microphones simply “sticky” on the powerful blast wave. In columns it sounds like snap of the fingers. Therefore, the synthesized sounds of shots from different artificial parts.

Secret №7

We want to soon shots in World of Tanks sound different depending on the type location. Try to scream in the forest and urban yard – you will realize that the acoustics are completely different. To create a special sound “tails”, the command sound designers have bought firecrackers, and like the old school days, went to blow up their cities and villages, receiving from the recording process hooligan special pleasure.

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