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Open set coordinators of the project team wot-lol ESl. Payable Coordinator Job game gold on account.

In coordinators include:
1. Direct holding events.
2. Collection Event results.
3. Conflict resolution occurred during the events.

Basic requirements for coordinators:
1. Age 18+
2. Adequacy
3. Always be online at least one hour before the time of Event (Monday, Thursday, beginning at 21.00 MSK Event).
4. Have Skype for communication with other coordinators.
5. Have SAU to account.

Template application that should be sent to the mail solotinegor@hotmail.com
1. Nickname.
2. Age.
3. Your Skype.
4. Experience of similar work, if any.
5. The answer to the question: “Why do you want to become a coordinator?”

passed the first stage will be waiting for something like a job interview on Skype.

The salary depends on the number and quality of coordination.

the questions can be set Online wot-lol.ru a special theme.

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