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Good day, dear readers. That’s got to the expanses of the Japanese World of Tanks heavy tanks that are so eager to see many. Now they are on superteste. Let’s try to estimate preliminary newly Japanese, discuss their history, and the fate of the key performance characteristics when entering the base.

branch heavy tanks begins with 4 levels, namely the heavy tank Type 95 Heavy . From it and begin.

Type 95 Heavy (Level 4) [1,999,012] Тень Годзиллы: Японские ТТ в World of Tanks (Часть 1) [1,999,012] Type 95 Heavy was the last attempt to enter the series towered tanks developed during Japan between 1925-1930 years., none of which went into production.

Type 95 Heavy has been developed on the basis of the heavy tank Type 91 Heavy. Tank got thicker armor than its predecessor and was better armed. Heavy armed with Type 95 main 7cm gun, one 6.5 mm machine gun in the central tower, 37mm instrument in front of the tower and the 6.5 mm machine gun in the back of the tower.

The suspension system has also been changed. In Type 91 Heavy was 17 or rollers 18 on each side, at the same time as that of Type 95 were Heavy 9, the tank has a spring suspension.

Despite the use of more powerful engine in the 290 l / s, Type 95 Heavy had a top speed of only 22 km / h.

According to various sources were collected from 1 to 4 prototypes of the tank.

The first Japanese branch of TT begins to dominate over others with its size tanks levels. Here, for example, comparison of our monster is not quite “Baby” – heavy tank Germany DW 2.
Having not quite a small tank, we get a mediocre book, reaching 35 mm at the reduced armor of about 50 mm at its thickest point.

We arm we have a good enough weapon to 70mm in 70mm breaks and alpha-strike of 110 units at a pretty good damage per minute. But very weak engine 290 l / s gives us a very low maximum speed of 22 km / h and, to put it mildly, mediocre dynamics as a whole.

Type 95 Heavy clear “middling” at his level and will be a tasty morsel for the artillery and other tanks.

OI Experimental (Level 5) [1,999,006]
project development of this tank began in 1939 on the basis of a proposal by Colonel Iwakura (Iwakuro). The project envisaged the creation of a huge tank with four towers and the original suspension system. The prototype was never built.

The first branch of a huge tank in Japan, which is slightly less than the German heavy tank Maus, which is on the 5th level only! That’s a visual comparison with the US heavy tank T1 Heavy.
[1,999,015] OI Experimental armed impressive for its level, 12cm breaking instrument with 130 luxurious and alpha-strike 300 units UVN -10 degrees.

Also, the tank has an excellent book – 75 mm at the weakest point. The case we have the same armor and weaknesses, there is essentially no.

Many have noticed the presence of towers and immediately thought that it, like the KV-5, can be easy to sew. But there, too, have a turret armor thickness of 75 mm, and are not a weak area of ​​the tank.

The only weak point is situated behind the first Katochkov where even with small shells are complete rotation. Vrezultate we have a very powerful armor against classmates that we can guarantee perfect protection. Tanks lower level will not be able to compete with OI Experimental head on.

Everything seemed to be fine, but 1200 l / s engine produces 100 tonnomu our tank 12 l / s per tonne. Before declared 40 km / h, we can be dispersal tank with only a very steep hill, and the machine creeps 20-25 km / h.

The tank pretty interesting, but because of the sheer size would suffer from the artillery.

OI (level 6) [1,999,006]
Project 150 ton tank, developed by Mitsubishi Tokyo in 1939. A traveling emplacement with one main, two additional front and one more behind. Only the prototype was built without a tower in 1944 and dismantled for scrap.

OI already has 150 tons of weight on level 6, the size just reminds Mouse. Below is a comparison of the size of our submitted to the monster sizes “huge” SU-100Y.
In comparison with OI Experimental our tank is far more impressive book – 150mm forehead hull and tower forehead. Also, the tank has again two large towers, which, however, is a weak area. The only weak point in the forehead it hatches located on the tower, reduced thickness ranging from 75 to 100 mm, but there is still need to get there. Otherwise reservation tank is 150 mm, arranged at different angles with no weak points.

The gun we have a similar game on the parameters with the ZIS-6 (a top gun T-150), namely 175 and 300 breakout single damage at a reasonably good damage per minute, which is very good for our level.

So do we have an alternative instrument, namely 15cm gun, similar to the parameters “fugasnitsu” from KV-2 (yes, the fans appreciate) with good accuracy and KD.

All is good, but we have 150 tons of weight, and, in contrast to the 100-ton weight OI Experimental, at the same time there is the same engine for 1,200 horses. Naturally, this is a very bad effect on our specific power that is equal to about 8 l / s per weight ton. Maximum 29 km / h, we shall find only the mountain, on the “plain” crawl 20 km / h. Logically, not bleschit speed of rotation of the chassis and the tower.

As a result, OI got a huge tank with a great book and a selection of tools, but it has a very poor ride quality that alludes to the necessary support to allies and suffering from artillery.

OI 100 (7 level) [1,999,006]
Draft 100-ton tank was developed in 1940. The unit was armed with 10.5 cm gun and had as many as 11 crew members. The tank installed 2 combined engine 550 l / s, posing 1100 liters /. Tested chassis model body, but tests were failures, and the project was closed.

The most huge tank in the game, even overshadows the old Mouse – very high, wide and long. That compares it with the 56-ton “Baby”, the German Tiger. Tiger I look like a toy.
Тень Годзиллы: Японские ТТ в World of Tanks (Часть 1)
Тень Годзиллы: Японские ТТ в World of Tanks (Часть 1)
OI 100 despite its size, has a beautiful body book forehead. Here we have from 175 to 220 mm of the reservation, which in some places has a slope.

Cannon classmates most basic shells we in the forehead not take, and if they take, only take off if good penetration. The only serious opponents of the TT that can annoy us, it’s the Tigers Henschel and Porsche, which set 8.8sm guns with 203 penetration, and that will be 60-70 percent of the cases we have to sew in the turret.

The gun we have a very non-standard: 190mm penetration and 330 alpha strike at a reasonably good damage per minute. If you wish, we can afford to put the past fugasnitsu 15cm tank, put it up 8lv inclusive.

UVN have -10 degrees, but a tool turret is almost omitted.

Weighs our OI 100 , oddly enough, only 100 tonnes and in 1200 it established a strong engine, which gives us a much greater power density than the OI level 6 – 12 l / s per tonne, which is very tolerant.

Tank-specific, not every house or stone we hide. The main thing is not to give us a call at the board, even heavy tank pritershiysya our death, because we do not we’ll get.

To be continued …

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