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Shadow Warrior STA-2

With 9.6 update to the game have been added two new premium medium tank. One of them, the French AMX CDC, we told in the previous material , so now it was the turn acquaintance with rookie Japanese branch – medium tank VIII level STA-2.

Characteristic features of the machine

Damage per minute . Tank boasts one of the best indicators of damage per minute among classmates – 2028 units excluding loading rod. In the presence of adequate skills a player that is enough to quickly send a tank paradise any opponent.

Penetration . The average value of armor-piercing ammunition at the base – 185 mm. This is a fairly good indicator for a medium tank VIII level: the majority of single-level opponents are affected even in the frontal projection easily. But in the fight against high-level armored monsters have carefully vytselivat vulnerabilities or recourse to the cumulative shells – in critical situations 275 millimeters of armor penetration will help decide the outcome of a collision in their favor.

Angles vertical lay . The tank can effectively fire due to the reverse slope of the hill, which in general is typical for Japanese high levels of medium tanks. UVN figure in & minus; 10 degrees significantly increases the comfort of the game, and survival machines.

Stabilization [1,999,008]. As an added bonus STA-2 offers players an excellent stabilization when firing on the move. It is worth noting that the daring raids on the front of the opponent are not the main objective for this tank. However, random battles are famous for its unpredictability, so we write another plus in karma warrior emperor.

Low visibility . A good indicator of masking the correct choice of position will help you to realize the above-esteem machines and offset the weak armor.

Reservation . Melee directly contraindicated for STA-2. Failure to comply with this recommendation in the body of the Japanese can be diagnosed massive holes entailing early retirement in the hangar. For maximum effect, the application of the tank should be kept as far away from the enemy.

tactical role on the battlefield

Sniper . Comfortable vertical lay angles and good accuracy can fire at long range. High rate allows you to quickly deal with the enemy before he has time to detect and respond Japanese fire. But we should not stay too long in one place: STA -2 is very afraid of artillery fire.

Support [1,999,008]. If the card does not have the tactics of the enemy sniper or slumped at close range, then STA -2 could be used as a tank support. Use the cover, the terrain and armored allies and try not to attract too much attention from the enemy. If the enemy is focused on you, back away or pretend to retreat, and when he gets distracted again attack.

There STA-2 are present all the characteristics of Japanese medium tank: excellent damage per minute, a good stabilization , splendid corners vertical lay. STA-2 does not like risk-taking, because the neighbors maneuverable fighting is not for him. Keep your distance and keep Allied fire. Saying “make haste slowly” is consistent with this tank. He is perfect for players who prefer a thoughtful, leisurely gameplay, suggesting a clear vision of the picture and the need to fight calculate their actions in advance.

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