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Sharing experience. Useful articles in wiki-encyclopedia and more!

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We offer you a small selection of interesting and informative articles on various aspects of World of Tanks.

Browse tank Sherman Fury

Author’s view on the new premium tank USA. This article will help both owners Fury, and those who are just contemplating the purchase. The article describes in detail the characteristics of the machine and the evaluation of combat potential of this tank.

Game mechanics: ram

In patch 9.4 was finalized implementation ram in the game. In this article you will find information on how the damage is calculated in collisions, as well as helpful tips from players on this topic.

Section “fortified area”

With the development and growing popularity of the fortified area filled information and the corresponding section in the wiki-encyclopedia. Now you can find a variety of background information, but for a complete knowledge of one theory is not enough. If you are a skilled clan leader, who spent more than one hundred successful sorties over Promresurs, we invite you to share your experiences in the pages of wiki.

Browse tank “Object 140”

Known Community Aces reveals the secrets of mastery in a series of guides on various types of equipment. We offer a fresh overview of the Soviet medium tank level X “Object 140”.

Overview PT-ACS T95

Name this American self-propelled become synonymous. And while WarGag filled jokes, rhymes about “turtle” in the community Aces appeared guide on how to play at this miracle of American tank development.

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