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Стрельба из СВЛК-14 на 2 км
Friends! Recently, all-the-same Denis Mokrushin said in his blog as February 19, 2015 TV channels «Russia Today» and «Anna News» shot with a sniper rifle SVLK-14 2 km. The action took place in the Kaluga Region, Russia at the site of the enterprise Lobaev Arms Vladislav Lobaeva.
company and make a small press preview of the new version of his sniper rifle SVLK-14C .

Performance characteristics SVLK-14C:

Technical accuracy – 0.3 MOA / 9 mm between centers (5 shots at 100 m)
Maximum Effective Range ( Spanish) – 2300 m
muzzle velocity – 900 m / s
Operating temperature range – -45 / + 65 C
Caliber – .408 Cheytac / .338LM / .300WM
Length – 1430 mm Height – 175 mm
Width – 96 mm
Weight – 9600 g
Barrel length – 780 mm
Trigger pull – reg. 50-1500 g

Movie filmed Russia Today

Text description of the events of V.Lobaeva

serene winter morning, February 19, 2015 came to us just two crews: Russia Today and Anna News, and the emergence of the latter was a surprise to us.
After a brief surveys of the assembly process and a pair of synchronicity, we went test a new version of the rifle SVLK-14, after some changes designed to optimize performance at firing range over 2000m.

Optimization touched the barrel length, muzzle brake and technology training cartridges. Also the day before were tested by firing at 100 meters the new monolithic bullets of our production, which when fired at 2000m, it was decided not to apply for the purity of the experiment. On them we will write separately. Shooting was conducted as before, bullets Jameson, analogue J40 Lost River. These different bullet weight within 0.9 Grand Prix, which, of course, for the super-range shooting too. It should be noted that none of our firing bullets were not selected by weight, which may be one reason for the vertical, is always present in our firings with this bullet.

Tests were conducted on accuracy range of 2000 m. There were made 20 shots.
You’ve got to give another complicating factor in the shooting. Changes made to the product, move the point of impact approximately 20 MOA and older 50 MOA strap ceased to give the course of amendments sight Valdada down to bring the rifle at 100 meters. To save time, we decided not to mill and set a new benchmark standard – 20 MOA. 100 m rifle led, but could only move up 50 MOA. Fortunately, the sight had a grid in the MOA and the vertical branch was down from the center 25 MOA. Aiming at the lower edge of the grid, I thought about the possibility of distortions, but this did not happen, as it became clear from the results of the shooting. Aberrations either did not exist or were immaterial. Also from the “cons”: to see the entire grid, had to reduce the multiplicity of from 40 to 24-fold.

was planned to carry out parallel shooting with two cameras: one on the turn, the other – at the target. Group at the target set our standard test board dimensions 150h120 cm and camera 3 meters from the target.

At the start of the group, it was clear that it would take sighting shots, as was made several changes: in the rifle, and weaponize. Therefore, I believe the amendment about.
wind comes from 3 hours, gusts up to 2.5, rarely up to 3 m / s, changing the angle between 30-40 degrees. Shot at 1.5-2 m / s condition.

The first and the next two shots fell very slightly above the heap shield 11 hours. Amendment was introduced in the future all the shots except 2 misses came in the shield or directly in front of him. It was clear and all the hits and misses recorded in the pipe and the sight is quite clear.
Only four shots began to form a group to the right (by the arrow) of the shield, as the line of inquiry has come to the station: “The camera turns on?”. All are on the turn, relish spoke about it. I had to interrupt the shooting and wait for the group approach to activate the camera.
When resuming group condition in general have not changed. Forming a group on the target is clearly seen in the following video, just starting from the 5 th contact (the 8th shot). Ninth shot went right in front of the target, its target. 10th shot and 6th continued getting started and the 7th hit form a very nice group of three shots, a palm-sized, which apparently was caused by a fire in the condition, and this is confirmed by the subsequent close consecutive hits. Whenever we have clearly caught on the corner of body condition – this is reflected in the target.

Next, the 12th shot and 8th hit. Thirteenth shot – 9th hit, a small vertical. Fourteenth shot chipped the left edge of the shield (10 th hit).
11th, 12th and 13th hit you can see on the video – they all came to the left side panel, forming as it were an independent group that was caused by fire in several Change condition.

As you can see from the video, as well as from the following photo, the biggest problem with the shooting was vertical, rather than the wind that inspires some optimism, since it is subject to purely technical solutions.

First of all, I see potential improvement – to work on themselves ammunition. No complaints on the rifle was not – to K-14 have no complaints, it does its job. When shooting in the day there was already almost forgotten feeling confident, reliable defeats the purpose of 2km. As it should be in the direction.
This is too happy, because in past visits, when shooting at 2km not feeling that shoot at 2300m. Now, therefore, the time to renew our shooting sessions “on the safe side”.

kind of target, with retracted intervals between shots

That’s all. Only I did not understand. In the target is not hit and never happy?

Photo © Lobaev Arms

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