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Mr. Jiří Tintěra, a Czech military historian, who is currently cooperating with Wargaming on creating the Czechoslovak branch, published the historical information on the T 40 medium tank on the valka.cz web for everyone to see – in Czech language of course, so here it is in English. This is the primary tier 6/7 premium medium candidate.


This is the Škoda proposal for the TVP program from 8.12.1946. The drawing looks so “ruffled” (damaged) because it actually was


Length – gun forward: 9060mm
Hull length: 6700mm
Width: 3200mm
Height: cca 2800mm
Clearance: 450mm

Sprocket diameter: 666mm
Number of drive sprocket teeth: 16
Frontal wheel diameter: 500mm
Roadwheel diameter: 750mm
Roadwheel rubber banding thickness: 130mm
Suspension: torsion bars

Track width: 700mm
Number of links per track: 110
Length of the track segment touching the ground: 4600mm
Ground pressure: 60,8 kPa (0,62 kg/cm2)

Engine: 16ADH140 diesel
Engine volume: 33,25 liter
Compression: 1:16,5
Engine power: 700 hp at 2000 RPM
Fuel consumption: 220 grams of fuel per horsepower per hour
Transmission: 5F/5R
Maximum speed: 6 to 50 km/h
Operating range offroad: 200 km
Operating range on road: 250 km

Maximum trench length to traverse: 2,3m
Maximum obstacle height to traverse: 0,9m
Fording depth: 1,3m
Maximum slope to traverse: 45 degrees

Armor – frontal hull: 65mm
Armor – hull sides: 40-30mm
Armor – rear: 30mm
Armor – bottom: 20mm
Armor – hull deck: 15mm

Armor – turret front: 65mm
Armor – turret side: 40mm
Armor – turret rear: 40mm
Armor – turret roof: 20mm

Armament: 88mm L/56 (in original document, it’s L/57) Vz.36N (captured, Tiger I gun)
Armament – secondary: 1 x 7,92mm Vz.37 MG
Armament – tertiary: grenade launcher on the roof (unspecified type)

Archive sources:

VHA Praha, FL: VTÚ 1947, KL: 15, SL: Čj. 15671 Taj.
Tabulky SI, ČSN 01 1300, vyd. ÚNM, Praha 1977

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