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Hello Warriors,

from today until 30 of November, the Skoda T40 will be sold on the EU server for €19.99.

The package also contains:

1 Garage Slot 250 Gold 7 days Premium Account

This is a tank I definitely will get and play with.

I’m actually amazed that EU is not selling this tank on a expensive/unwanted 50 Euro bundle like they have been doing with new premium tanks for a long time and this may be a step in the right direction but let’s wait and see if they keep it up..
And by that I meant that lets wait to see how WG will sell their tanks in the future, wouldn’t be the first time they say or do something to appease the masses but then nothing changes…Remember when we got promised that swift action against illegal mod users would be taken after an E-sports player got caught using them and it stirred the community? Over a year later and they still can’t control the foxes in the chicken coop.

Anyways, good job WG EU!

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