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Soon the game: Girl tankers

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The idea of ​​introducing a World of Tanks female tank crews emerged in the gaming community is very for a long time. Even there are special modes that replace the standard portraits of soldiers. Based on player feedback, lovely female faces adorn the hangar and make new nice note in the game. It should also be noted that the tank crews, consisting of representatives of the fair sex – a real historical fact, at least for the USSR, and more on this will be discussed in a future article. Now offer you a small overview of how female crews will look and what to do to get them.

female crew – this is a unique new game content. In total, the game will be 109 girls tankistok game seven nations. Image of each of them – the result of painstaking work by artists. “Zest” is that the prototypes for the majority of them became employees of Wargaming!

That’s really very funny appointed commander of his tank or Asya Olga. However, we should not deprive the attention and the other girls, they are all working hard in different parts of the company working to make World of Tanks and other Wargaming game even more beautiful and more interesting.

female crew not only beautify the game, but also bring tangible game bonuses. Firstly, they immediately get enough experience to explore one of any additional skill or ability of your choice. Second, if your tank is equipped with a crew composed entirely of women, then it is activated modifier “ Martial girlfriend “, which replaces the skill “Combat Brotherhood”. The effect is similar: all Tank Girl get + 5% to the level of ownership by all the main skills and additional skills. But the main advantage is that “fighting friend” does not require pumping and operates with the first bout. Thus, you will immediately receive a “dvuhperkovy” crew!

As you can see, women’s crews – is not only beautiful, but also useful innovation, and in order to replenish the barracks girls have to try. The precise conditions will be announced shortly after the New Year, but for now we note only that the female crew will be one of the possible reward from personal combat missions. What is this problem? What are the conditions and awards for their performance? Answers to these and other questions you will learn from our future publications. Follow the news and section “in the development of” .

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