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Soon the game: personal combat missions

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Players who participated in the test update 9.5, met with a welcome innovation in World of Tanks – personal mission. At the moment they pass the final completion and will be available for all players January 15 [1,999,008], after the New Year holiday shares and turmoil.

It is important to understand that we are not talking about “another form of shares”, but about really new facets of the game, with the advent of the usual tank battles which will become even more diverse and exciting.

operates a new trial as follows: Before you go into battle at a certain tank, you choose the combat mission for the class of equipment.

Examples of problems of varying complexity for heavy tank:

  • Destroy the enemy machine from a distance of not more than 100 meters.
  • took the 1st place among the players of his team to damage.
  • Destroy the enemy and survive the battering ram at the same time.

& hellip; and a light tank:

  • Send intelligence for the destruction of at least two cars of the enemy.
  • found 1 ACS enemy and to assist in its destruction.
  • found 8 cars enemy before they find you.

In addition to the basic, each task there are additional conditions, such as survival or defeat in battle. If successful, both primary and additional conditions players believe the increased reward.

From the simple to the complex

All tests will be joined in the campaign. Dates of the campaign is not limited, and perform combat missions at any time convenient for you. Now preparing to enter the first campaign “There’s reinforcements”, consisting of four steps:

  1. Operation «StuG IV» .
  2. Operation “T28 Concept “.
  3. Operation” T-55A NVA DDR ».
  4. Operation” Object 260 “.

operations are named after combat vehicles , which are available for the successful completion of the operation, and they are arranged in increasing complexity of combat missions. You can only perform operations in order: from the first (the simplest) to the fourth (the most difficult). The reward for the successful implementation of each of them will be appropriate tank or PT-ACS.

Each of the four operations consists of 5 chains tasks – one for each class of equipment. The chain of tasks for each type of equipment, in turn, consists of 15 different tasks, after which the chain is passed.

Perform final mission in the chain brings the player four premium sheet. The final task of each chain contains additional conditions under which the number of sheets of premium increases to five. Thus, by performing four chain tasks with excellence, you get to skip the least comfortable for you class technology.

Honors and awards

In addition to the prize tanks in the first campaign for execution of combat missions will be available unique female crews :

  • level of the main specialty – 100%
  • enough experience to explore one additional skill on 100%
  • free beds in the barracks for each Tank Girl;
  • presence of a special skill “fighting friend”. Read more in the special material .

For the successful implementation of the final mission (additional condition is not required) in each of the chains, the player will receive one crew member with the ability to choose the nation and profession . During the whole campaign will be available 20 girls tankistok.

For success in passing the test, players will receive a unique medal and memorable characters that can not be earned in any other way, as well as loans, equipment, and other equipment game values.

For more information about the new system of combat missions we at the time of its entry into the game, which will take January 15 [1,999,022]. Wait is very long!

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