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offer you a brief overview of the shares with the branded products as well as new products in the online store Wargaming.

Especially for the real men in BURGER KING & reg; It has developed a new range of dining “Tank Combo” with brutal black “Tankoburgerom.”
From 15 June to 31 December 2015 when buying lunch “Tank Combo”, in addition to a powerful boost of energy, you are guaranteed to get a gift invite code and bonus code.

On June 30 in the kiosks of the press in Russia and Belarus will be available magazine with posters World of Tanks . The set consists of two posters A1 poster and one A3.

All tankers have the opportunity to order a customized tokens on a steel chain with a game nickname. Select badge .

The range of branded T-shirts added a series “heavy armor” from ArmadaStar.

Among the new products as ceramic mug
«FV215b (183)” with a volume of 450 ml and a picture of one of the slaughter PT-ACS in the game. Read more about it here .

For passports tankman is perfect black leather cover with compartments for credit cards and cash. View Details .

Successful fights and a pleasant shopping!

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