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offer you a brief overview of the novelties of branded products as well as the shares that are available in the online store Wargaming stores and the partner.

Shares in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the ongoing online store Wargaming, the network “1C Interest” and hypermarket “Globe”. As part of these actions, you can get a gift bonus codes on premium equipment, premium account, as well as on the tank Matilda Black Prince. Read more:

Among the novelties of branded products – a metal model of the German heavy tank L & ouml; we stand with. The model is made in scale 1: 100. Read more about it here .

magazine for Panini stickers are now available not only in a soft, but in hardcover. You can purchase it in a special starter kit complete with labels. Read more about the complete .

Range “Sweet rations” tankman brand marmalade added to the collection model tanks. See what’s new .

Successful fights and a pleasant shopping!

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