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Soviet Scouts on the Prowl
2016-08-31 18:00:00 / News

Tankers playing German light tanks may want to start looking over their shoulder, because the latest tech tree additions in Update 3.1 might challenge their reign as the fastest scouts. Three new Russian light tanks are coming to Blitz, supplying some speed to tiers VI through VIII.

Ready to jump into these new tanks? Make sure you have the T-34 unlocked before Update 3.1 drops, because that’s the entry point for this new branch.

MT-25 – Tier VI

The MT-25 has all the speed and maneuverability you’d expect from its class, which makes unlocking it a no-brainer. One thing you’ll have to give some thought to is which gun to use, because it’s got three great options. The stock ZiS-4 should be familiar to players, as it’s widely used on the T-34, and on the MT-25 it can penetrate 189mm armor using ACPR shells. The other guns — the S-54 and autoloading S-20 — boast higher damage and rate of fire, respectively, so deciding which to equip all comes down to personal taste.

A Gun for Any Occasion: Each gun on the MT-25 has its purpose; just know when to use them! If you’re looking to face big dogs, equip the ZiS-4 and stock up on ACPR. If you’re looking to flank and harass, the fast-firing S-20 has you covered. Something in-between? S-54, all the way.

  LTTB – Tier VII

The LTTB could almost be a tier VIII tank, but instead it’ll give players the chance wreak havoc at tier VII. Excellent performance across the board means that it leaves the Spähpanzer SP I C in the dust and can almost keep up with the Ru 251. While the Ru 251 has a higher top speed, the LTTB beats it thanks to a more powerful engine and less weight.

Become the Drift King: The LTTB has the performance to perform high-speed power slides. Master that technique to not only look cool on the battlefield, but baffle your opponents!

T-54 Ltwt. – Tier VIII

This lightweight variant of the T-54 is a jack-of-all-trades. It makes up for its average speed with maneuverability and handling – you’ll be able to control it at top speed easier than the Ru 251 or LTTB. It also has above-average armor for a light tank of its tier — that still won’t protect you from hard-hitting tank destroyers or heavy tanks, but will give you an edge when skirmishing with other light tanks. The LTTB’s gun isn’t too shabby either; a faster-firing version of the LB-1 that’s equipped on the T-44.

Flank ’em: Don’t bother trying to penetrate heavy armor with the LB-1. Instead, use the LTTB’s superior handling to get behind your opponents and hit them where they’re least armored.

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