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Special “Battle in FV215b (183)”
2017-08-10 16:00:00 / Events
fv215 183

The FV215b (183) tank destroyer has become the hero of this week. Throughout the weekend, the Tech Tree predecessors of this vehicle will be offered at a discount and the FV215b (183) itself will get x5 experience.

From August 11, 04:00 PT (07:00 ET) until August 14, 04:00 PT (07:00 ET):

Discounts on the FV215b (183) branch:

The AT 8 and AT 7 — 30%; The AT 15 — 15%; The Tortoise and FV215b (183) — 10%.

Discount on Premium account time::

3 days — 520 instead of 650; 7 days — 875 instead of 1250. Experience Bonus

During this special, a hidden mission will be available for the FV215b (183). It is not displayed in the interface and will be enabled only after you hit x2 XP for the first victory on that day.

Goal: win a battle in the FV215b (183). Reward more experience for the battle. Restrictions: can be completed up to twice a day and only after the player receives the “first victory” bonus.

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