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July 14 at 19:00 (GMT) on a server RU1 [1,999,008] will pass a special broadcast dedicated to the release of an update 9.9.


[1,999,037] What expects viewers

Platoon developers will test an updated game event “Excellence.” In addition to the prizes for winning the battle with the developers you can get answers to questions about the update 9.9 and learn more about all the changes in World of Tanks.


[1,999,037] Awards

[1,999,029] Each player will have the opportunity to win 3 days Premium account [1,999,008] for winning the battle with developers – regardless of the team.


[1,999,030] What is needed to participate
  • resides on the server RU1. [1,999,062]
  • [1,999,030] Collect platoon consisting of three people. [1,999,008 ]
  • user`s special channel to see the countdown to the start of the battle.
  • get into a fight with the platoon developers.

Ask your questions, you can:

    In a chat broadcast on official Twitch-channel Wargaming .
  • In a special channel games. The name of the channel will be presented by the developers at the beginning of the broadcast.

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