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Special Offer: “Fire Support”
2017-10-26 09:00:00 / Events
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A best friend is someone who’ll cover your back while you are scouting, defending the base, or pushing through the enemy forces. Who can be better at this than a tank destroyer? This weekend, you can pick up a tank destroyer for yourself from two American branches.

From October 27, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET) through October 30, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET):

 Discounts for American tank destroyers:

30% for the Hellcat, T25/2, Jackson, and T25 AT. 15% for the T28 Prototype, T30, T110E4, T28, T95, and T110E3. Credits for Damage

A hidden mission will be available during this event.

Aim: win a battle and be among the top 5 players on your team by damage dealt.

Reward: 5,000.

Restrictions: this mission can be completed up to ten times and only on Tier VI–X vehicles.

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