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C April 10 9:00 (GMT) to April 13 9:00 (GMT) in honor of the space in the store you can buy Premium special sets “Takeoff” “Fearless” “Duelist”, “Hercules” and “Cricket” with promotional techniques and other in-game assets.

New offers Premium store – it’s a great opportunity to make a gift to your comrades!


2000 ,
2000000 .

The cost of shares for – $ 20 instead of $ 28

Set “Takeoff”

This set of gold and loans at a favorable rate will help you realize the ambitious plans that are so often lacking in game currency. Dream, plan, act!



image image image T-34-85M and a slot for him , image 30 days Premium account;
950 .

The cost of – $ 30

Set ” Undaunted “

T-34-85M – a special version of the famous T-34-85 with enhanced reservation. The frontal armor became thicker body that, given the angle of inclination, gives protection against tanks lower level, and can also save and shells from high-level enemies. Great for flank attacks and joint action with other medium tanks. Let him win the game!


Consider the 3D-model T-34-85M in detail you can here .

See also video overview of the tank from the Red Eagle Company:


image image image Großtraktor – Krupp and a slot for him ,
30 days Premium account;
3750 .

The cost of – $ 30

Set “Duelist”

German tank promotional Großtraktor – Krupp definitely please fans of unusual techniques and collectors. His great capacity and rate of the 75-mm gun with a serious one-time damage and comfortable angles vertical lay – very strong arguments in tank duels. Go into battle and become stronger!


3D-model Großtraktor – Krupp.

On the peculiarities of the tank – a video from Vspishka. pro:


image image image KV-5 and a slot for him; image 7 days Premium account.

The cost of – $ 36

Set “Hercules”

Steel hero KV-5 has excellent circular armor, a huge mass and powerful engine. With this combination, he is able to destroy their enemies, not only in the shootout, but in the “melee” – a battering ram. A bunch of his crown “shot on the run + ram + second shot” has already sent to the hangar more than one enemy. Let the enemy forces to try heroic!


Watch 3D-model tank in detail.

Video review of the KV-5 from LvL1:

Set “Cricket”

T1E6 is often called “Cricket” for his agility and quick-firing gun with the cartridge loader. Tank able to quickly take a cue point and hold it until the arrival of the Allies, and successfully released one cassette can destroy the machine I or II level. And if a cricket knows his perch, ie avoiding attacks ahead and protects himself during recharging, it becomes desirable ally for any team.



imageimageimageT1E6 and a slot for him ,
3950 .

The cost of – $ 20

Detailed 3D-model of the tank:

Remember that all current active in World of Tanks you can learn from .

Good luck on the battlefield!

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