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November 13 at 20:00 (GMT) again will take a special broadcast dedicated Updated command-fights. The team, consisting of the most renowned players Wargaming.net League, will fight in team battles shoulder to shoulder with the developers. Participate in game events and win prizes!

The event will take place on the server RU1.

The translation
  • winning recipe – the best players Golden Series winning tactics demonstrate new modes of team fights and determine universal setups.
  • Castling – viewers will learn, how was ended and the transfer Anatolicha and Reno command in Na`Vi who will play for the Unity of the new season and how to change the alignment of the teams in the top league.
  • Reward participation
    • All the players who will play against a team of competitive players, will receive 3 days Premium account , regardless of the outcome of the battle.
    • All players of the team that will win in competitive players will get to 7 days Premium account .
    • Each player destroy any car from the team competitive players will receive 1000 regardless of the outcome of the battle.
    • At the end of the broadcast of the rally is waiting: kibersportsmeny themselves determine which team fought viewers against them better than others, and the reward of all the players that command premium tank

      image image EC-6 .

    Composition “star “Teams
    Developers in the team

    Recall Mode “Team Deathmatch “has been significantly reworked to update 9.4. The main goal – to make the team fights even more exciting and entertaining. More information about the game mode can be found here .

    all active in World of Tanks, you can learn from .

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