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Renault R35
Hi friends!
Today was launched MMO server “World of Tanks” to test the game version 0.9.7 supertesterami. Changelog test version “0.9.7 supertest 1” in comparison with the version “0.9.6”:


– make the transition to the new version of the game “engine» BigWorld 2.8.1.


– Added new French tanks:

  • Light Tank Level 2 FCM 36.
  • Light Tank Level 2 Renault R35.
  • Medium Tank Level 3 Somua S35.
  • Medium Tank Level 4 SARL 42.
  • Medium Tank Level 5 Renault G1.
  • Medium Tank Level 9 AMX 30 1er prototype.
  • Medium Tank AMX 30 10 level B.

– To test supertesterami tanks added:

  • Soviet heavy tank 6 level object-244.
  • German PT-ACS Level 7 8.8cm Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager.
  • The British heavy tank level 7 FV201 (A45).

– Reworked the new visual quality tanks: IS-4, JagdPz E-100, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, ELC AMX, E-100, T26E4 SuperPershing.

Maps and objects:

– Added new map “Overlord”, created after the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944.
– Made gameplay improvements on the map “Live Oaks.”
– Improved the effects on the cards “Karelia”, “Westfield”, “El Halluf”, “airfield”.
– Fixed visual models and models of some objects damage the environment.

The rest:

– Fixed a significant number of “hangs” and “crashes” the game client.
– Redesigned the mapping traces hits in the tank and the tank penetrations.
– Reworked some of the effects of heavy ammunition in game objects.
– Implemented the ability to move contacts from a particular group to recipients with a single “click”.
– Fixed a number of bugs in the interface list of new contacts added in the previous version 9.6.
– Fixed text description of some personal combat missions.
– Fixed some flaws in the Interface Mode “fortified areas.”
– Fixed some minor interface flaws.
– Fixed effect “motion blur”.
– Fixed some issues when playing records fights.
– Fixed calculation of landmine injuries after hitting the screen, when it is considered that such a penetration of the projectile struck the main armor and fire events “internal explosion”, which could lead to a contusion of all crew members, although in this case the bruise could only half the crew.

Map Overlord

This is a map of the mixed type: on the playing area adjoin rural development, long-term fortifications and quite a lot of open space, interspersed with trees, shrubs and folds relief.
Карта Оверлорд
As the battlefield taken place abstract Allied landings in 1944. It may be noted that the relief map perfectly conveys the characteristics of the area in Normandy.
Карта Оверлорд
Карта Оверлорд
Fighting on the map take place in the time period 5-7 June 1944, as planting has already occurred, the main Allied forces broke through the defense, but traces of the battles they smoke more literally, and on the beach are lined with assault boats.
Карта Оверлорд
Карта Оверлорд
Special mention are the new objects, first appeared in the game it is at this location -DOTy, detached houses, new church, which is a copy of this.
Strengthen the defensive line, which we can see on the map, established in accordance with German charters of those times. The only exception is the battery long-range guns, which in reality was at a distance of 10-12 kilometers from the coast, and on kartubyla added to the atmosphere.
Карта Оверлорд
With its elaboration used real historical scheme of fortifications. The coastline is somewhat simplified because in reality it was completely covered antilanding barriers and anti-urchins. Such a simplification of the issues connected to the game (beach would have made unplayable) and optimization problems, a large number of destructible objects could have a negative impact on performance.
Карта Оверлорд
Map a large (1000 * 1000) and in the battles at her all types of vehicles will be able to find employment: CT, as a fairly generic class technology, will be able to move across the map, instilling fear and hatred in the hearts of the enemies; TT to find a place for fights over a short distance and punching directions; on the map there is a sufficient number of suitable positions for the PT-ACS and ACS; presence of distant lumbago enable LT to realize its main function – intelligence.
Карта Оверлорд
something like that …

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