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Stealthy Surprise: E 25 #1 Enters the Shop!
2015-07-16 16:24:00 / Premium Shop

Boasting a variety of well-armed and precision-based vehicles, the German tank destroyer arsenal is about to be reinforced with what can accurately be described as a reconnaissance vehicle of sorts; the stealthy speedster known as the E 25 #1!

Looking a bit like a compact Hetzer, the E 25 #1 is a stealthy, rapid-fire menace that can run circles around most tanks. With its low profile and excellent camouflage rating, the E 25 #1 is ideal for tankers who enjoy ambushing foes and ripping them apart! You’ll have a blast watching shot after shot mercilessly rip away at enemy HP, and for those moments when you’ve been spotted — you can easily turn on the jets for a quick withdrawal.

The E 25 #1 sports a stylized camouflage pattern, and is available for a limited time. Pick up this speedster while you can!

Start Time: Friday, July 17, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
End Time: Friday, August 7, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET Store Bundles

 E 25 #1 Bundle: $24.99

E 25 #1 Garage Slot 3 Days of Premium 500

E 25 #1 Premium Bundle: $34.99

E 25 #1 Garage Slot 30 Days of Premium 2,100


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