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Steam Pioneer Packs
2016-11-09 17:10:00 / Premium Shop

To celebrate the Steam release of World of Tanks Blitz, we’re offering three all-new tanks in the Premium Shop. Every one is available in its own bundle, or together in one big bundle at a sizable discount. Take a look!

Panther 8.8 – Tier VIII Medium Tank
Solid armor and accuracy, with great gun handling and surprising speed. Susceptible to catching fire when hit in the front hull.

VK 45.03 – Tier VII Heavy Tank
Lots of HP and excellent gun handling characteristics, but a large profile and weak armor.

Großtraktor – Tier III Heavy Tank
Excellent alpha damage rating, with plenty of HP and armor, but suffers from slow reloading and gun handling characteristics.

Begins November 9, 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET
Ends November 18, 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET
Steam Conqueror Bundle Bundle – $79.99 35% Discount! Panther 8.8
VK 45.03

3x Garage Slot

30 Days of Premium Time FREE


2,050 FREE

3,000,000 FREE

Steam Sniper Bundle – $39.99 30% Discount! Panther 8.8

Garage Slot

7 Days of Premium Time FREE


1,000 FREE

1,000,000 FREE

Steam Smasher Bundle – $29.99 25% Discount! VK 45.03

Garage Slot

3 Days of Premium Time FREE


750 FREE

560,000 FREE

Steam Wrecker Bundle – $9.99 15% Discount! GroBtraktor

Garage Slot

3 Days of Premium Time FREE


250 FREE

100,000 FREE

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