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main task – to collect the results of the battle wins more points than the opponent. If a player or a platoon of gaining the required number of points wins the battle until the end of time, the victory scored early.

In order to participate in combat players available five tanks

  • Bat.-Châtillon 25 t (n) [1,999,014]
  • [1,999,026] EC-7 (R) [1,999,014]
  • [1,999,026] Leopard 1 (P) [1,999,014] T57 Heavy (P) [1,999,014]
  • [1,999,026] “Object 268 (R).” [1,999,014]

[1,999,006] The performance characteristics of these vehicles fully match the existing counterparts in the game. Combat vehicles awarded free during the start of an event. To start the battle, you need to prepare all the machines and click “Join the Battle!”. It is also possible to install the equipment, the equipment is already available and transplanted into the hangar crew.

Features of game event

The main difference between the new game event will be the division of tasks in the battle for individual and platoon players:

  • The main objective of the individual players – destroy rivals and causing damage . They play for themselves, they have no allies. When you capture the flag solo player flag destroyed. Victory Points are awarded for causing damage, the destruction of rivals, and the absorption of flags.
  • The main objective of the platoon – Delivery of flags in the marked area. squad must consist of three players. It is a separate military unit, all other participants of the battle are rivals. Victory Points earned by participants in the platoon, and are summed up in the overall standings. Victory Points are awarded for the delivery of the flags (5 points per flag), causing damage (3 points for inflicting 1000 damage) and the destruction of rivals (1 point for a “fragment”).
  • [1,999,045]

    During the battle You can use martial reserves:

    • “Shelling”;
    • “Airstrike”.

    Martial reserves are available for effective action in the game: Inflicts and the destruction of rivals. For the use of reserves should press 7 or 8, and choose an area of ​​their application. In addition, for the use of “air strikes” should indicate its direction with the mouse.

    Format fights

selected format battle randomly while collecting team. To test was as informative as possible for developers ask you how you can play a more active platoon.

In a fight involving 12 solo players every man for himself. Flags are absent. Victory Points are awarded for causing damage and destruction of opponents. For early victory the player must earn 20 victory points or to get more points by the end of the fight. Scoring: 1 point for 1000 damage, 1 point for a “frag”. [1,999,009]

[1,999,113] Forum Discussion: [1,999,009]

In the battle take part 4 platoon. It fights “all against all.” Wins the platoon, who was the first to earn 100 victory points or on the results of the battle will get more points. Victory Points are awarded for the delivery of the flags, the destruction of rivals and causing damage. For a platoon of players: 3 points for 1000 damage, 5 points for the delivery of the flag, 1 point for a “frag”. [1,999,009]

[1,999,113] Forum Discussion: [1,999,009]

In combat, platoon at the same time there are 4 and 4 solo player. It fights “all against all.” Combat unit is considered to be the platoon of three tankers or solo player. Wins the platoon or solo player who will score the first 100 victory points or receive more victory points at the end of the fight. Victory Points are awarded for the damage, destruction of rivals, and delivery / takeover flags. For a platoon of players: 3 points for 1000 damage, 5 points for the delivery of the flag, 1 point for a “frag”. For solo players: 5 points for 1000 damage, 5 points for “frag”, 1 point for the absorption of the flag. [1,999,009]

[1,999,189] Forum Discussion: [1,999,009]

Capture the Flag.

Capture the Flag – the main way to victory. To capture the need to get closer to one of the flags for a short distance, and then move it to the delivery zone. After this flag returns to its original position.

  • image

    Flags are located in certain areas of the map.

  • Tank, who captured the flag, says the mini-map.
  • position and move the flags are also marked on the mini-map a special indicator.
  • After the destruction of the enemy machine carrying the flag for a short time all the players an opportunity to pick it up. If the flag is not picked up, it returns to its original position.



Revival in combat.

In addition to capture the flag, one of the most important features of ” Excellence “is the ability to repeatedly go to the same battle after the destruction of the tank – the so-called” garage fights. ” After destroying, you will be available a context menu to select the next combat vehicle. Thus the choice of the new tank is given only 10 seconds. Destruction of the machine can not be selected within 30 seconds. [1,999,009]

[1,999,113] During the battle you can revive any number of times. After the revival of the tank appears with a full supply of strength and ammunition, as well as equipment, the composition of which depends on the choice of the player in the hangar.


Points of repair and replenishment.

Within the card has several points of repair equipment and replenish supplies. To activate these points, the player must call inside the yellow circle marked on the mini-map corresponding to the icon and wait for 5 seconds without receiving any damage and without leaving the circle. If the tank is hit, the timer starts again.



After the activation point of repair and replenishment must pass 1 minute, then this point becomes available again for that player. Inactivity time point of repair for each individual player, t. E. At the same time expect the repair within it may be some combat vehicles as the enemy, and the Union.

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