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With the 9.9 update launched a new game event “Steel hunting.” In the battles can participate as single players and squads. Standard duration of the battle – 10 minutes.

The battles will take place on two cards:

  1. “Lost City”.
  2. “Monte Rosa”.
The main task – to collect the results of the battle wins more points than the opponent. If a player or a platoon of gaining the required number of points wins the battle until the end of time, the victory scored early.

In order to participate in combat players available five tanks:

EC-7 (R)
[1,999,026] [1,999,023] “Object 268 (R)”
[1,999,023] [1,999,023] Leopard 1 (F)
[1,999,034] [1,999,023] T57 Heavy Tank (P)
[1,999,034] [1,999,023] Bat.-Ch & acirc; tillon 25 t (n)

The performance characteristics of these machines are completely consistent with the existing analogues in the game. Combat vehicles are awarded free of charge during the start of the game events. To start the battle, you need to prepare all the machines and click “Join the Battle!”. It is also possible to install the equipment, the equipment is already available and transplanted into the hangar crew (in this case, it must be retrained for game gold or credits).

Features of game event

The main difference between the new game event will be the division of tasks in the battle for individual and platoon players:

  • The main task of the individual players – the destruction of rivals and causing damage. They play for themselves, they have no allies. When you capture the flag solo player flag destroyed. Victory Points are awarded for causing damage, the destruction of rivals, and the absorption of flags.
  • The main task of the platoon – delivery flags marked areas. Platoon shall consist of three players. It is a separate military unit, all other participants of the battle are rivals. Victory Points earned by participants in the platoon, and are summed up in the overall standings. Victory Points are awarded for the delivery of the flags (5 points per flag), causing damage (3 points for inflicting 1000 damage) and the destruction of rivals (1 point for a “fragment”).

During the battle, you can use the combat capabilities:

  • “Shelling”;
  • “Airstrike”.

Martial reserves are available for effective action in the game: the application of damage and destruction of opponents. For the use of reserves should press 7 or 8, and choose an area of ​​their application. In addition, for the use of “air strikes” should indicate its direction with the mouse.

Format fights


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