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Hello warriors,

about the screenshots leaked yesterday, with the awesome looking grass and tree – Storm confirms that yes, they are legit. It’s the new vegetation render called “Speedtree” and developers are working on it, currently there is no ETA. The map on the screens is reworked HD version of Abbey.

– On the module research screen, the arrow does indicate the order of unlocking, not the order of use. It is completely possible for a gun to be unlocked earlier (from other tanks) for example but in order to use it, you have to unlock the second turret;
– The option to allow players to choose which medals they want displayed on the first tab of the achievements window is not planned;
– Pre-9.6 (pre-nerf) accuracy will not return;
– A player made a proposal, where he suggests the crews not to “forget” their previous tank skill upon retraining if the crew played at least X battles in that tank. Storm states that it might be discussed but no promises;
– Storm states that the decision to make alternative hulls only for mass-produced (“non-paper”) tanks is influenced by client size: “We have a lot of tanks as it is. If we do it for all vehicles, the client size will become outrageous.”
– Storm confirms that client size issues are clear and present (not something WG made up);
– Penetration RNG result is not tied to damage result (two different “dice rolls”, it is not true that high pen roll shots damage more);
– Improved graphic render? New anti-aliasing? More motion physics tests? “Everything of that. When it’s done it’s done.”
– Animated garage UI is not planned;
– Serverside replays were scrapped for now (they were first announced two or three years ago);
– Storm confirms that Swamp fill be fixed somewhat;
– The closest rebalance (buffs/nerfs) will concern tier 5-10 gun penetration, both regular and gold shells. Some will have their penetration nerfed, some will be rebalanced “in favor of systematization and to become more logical”. The goal of this rebalance is “to increase the role of armor in the game”. Which shells will be nerfed will not be disclosed for now until the list is finalized;
– Ferdinand will not be moved to tier 7 with its historical gun (“it’s not worth doing it”).

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