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A couple of answers from Storm, regarding the IM’s from non-public Russian forum section, courtesy of LJ user mopckou_svin

Q: “Who came upon the 20k blocked damage”
A: “It’s 20k in total – blocked + dealt. Statistics show that it’s possible. When creating the missions, we considered how many tanks roughly do we want to give away and based upon this number we made the statistical thresholds.”

Q (redacted): “If it’s not too complicated, please tell us how many battles with such statistics (20k blocked + dealt damage were there in 9.4?”
A: “It’s complicated. This is not exactly a matter I am dealing with, I simply made an inquiry what is planned and how. It’s about skill + luck, not just luck. Considering that we did not anticipate it to be accessible to the masses. To achieve the mission goal will be very difficult. But whether the requirements for the tank will be changed or not, I can’t say yet.”

Q: “We’ll be lucky if 10 people finish it.”
A: “We are planning for the top mission to be completed by several tens of thousands of players in 2015.”

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