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As everybody knows, after the release of version 9.9 there have been some problems.
Particularly disappointing zombie tanks after the start of the patch and numerous “crashes” customer.

C “zombie” deal back in the day of release, there were some problems with the departure.

At the moment, there are several similar problems:
1. depart at the entrance to the hangar / hangar before the start of the battle (the average number of report).
[1,999,002] The problem was quite strange happened due to the fact that some of the players in the client were deleted some files embedded browser awesomium.
Why and how to delete these files, it is not clear. Perhaps part of the players were removed because there were rumors that the removal of this folder enables the increase fps. It is also likely to remove some files from the browser one antivirus after obnoleniya. More we will investigate.

Specifically, this issue has been resolved yesterday evening update the client in which the files were again “delivered” to the players.
Also, prepare a solution that will avoid this problem and no file browser will not “drop” game.

2. depart at the entrance to the client in a version for Mac (a small number of report).
[1,999,002] resolved issue yesterday version update for Mac.
[1,999,002 ] 3. Flight to battle using XVM (very large number of report).
[1,999,002] Because the updated version 9.9 of the file no longer work properly minimap mod XVM.
In this case, help Replacement flash file minimap file from the old version. In the last assembly XVM, as far as I know, this problem has been fixed.
When you use XVM separately or as part of any assembly mods (as it is used in the majority of assemblies), then download and install the updated version.
Also, some assembly has released an update to its amended XVM.

4. Departures on some video cards AMD (Radeon) using the latest drivers 15.7 (a large number of report).
[1,999,002] Also with these drivers “after” can be a problem with the disappearance of fully or partially terrain maps.

The problem is complex. At the moment, we understand and try to find a solution. In general, the test failed to catch him, because This version of the drivers came on July 7 when the overall test was already almost complete.
As a temporary measure until I can recommend to roll back to a previous version of the driver.
working on a solution, we hope to fix soon.
[1,999,002] 5. depart immediately after the fight (a small number of report).

There are departures of some players.
found reason, preparing correction.
[1,999,002] 6. Departures on certain configurations (processors seymeystva Broadwell) when you use Windows 10 (a small number of report).
[1,999,002] The question we understand, but because this version of the OS is not yet released in the release, the priority at this hotfix downgraded compared to others.

7. hang on the loading screen in “Steel hunt” by using a number of advanced multimedia keyboards Logitech (a very small number of report).
[1,999,002] problem found, correction will come complete with some other fixes the problems described above.
[1,999,002] Total of 7 listed three known problems have already been fixed and three await fixes soon.

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