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I will be gone most of the day (meeting Czech historians and WG people about the Czech tank branch, such consult, many secret, wow), so here’s some info for you guys. In advance. Next translations/articles – in the late afternoon.

– individual missions (I translated the name from Russian IBZ – individualnye boyevye zadachi) were official renamed to “personal missions”
– Q: “personal missions are there not for your fun, but to make you play it a longer!” A: “Yes, we’ll make you by force! By pointing submachine guns at you!”
– Storm explains the presence of platoon requirements in personal missions: “The name is personal missions, not individual. There are generally only a few missions with platoon requirement. Platoons = socializing. A player who is socializing plays significantly longer.”
– it’s apparently not possible to move the names of tanks on the improved minimap to the left from the icon, as it cause graphic glitches
– a render range rectangle was not implemented into the new map because it will change to a circle relatively soon

– viewrange circle was not implemented because it exists as a mod anyway and who really wants it can use a mod
– FV4005 characteristics are not final
– there is a serious (and common) bug on test server, where – after you quit the battle – you see that battle’s minimap in the hangar (SS: and you can watch how the battle is going in the hangar, actually I think it would be a neat feature)
– Storm thinks that the platoon requirement for missions is final
– Storm confirms that the Mittengard map is lowtier only (SS: why the hell does it have an encounter mode then) and that Gost Town will not appear in random battles
– Storm states that you don’t have to play artillery to complete the personal missions
– Storm commenting about players raging that they have to platoon for the personal missions: “Yea, it’s the righteous anger because in order to get the reward, you will actually have to make some effort. Everyone just wants free stuff.”
– Q: “Forced socialization sucks!” A: “Tell that to the Blizzard guys.”
– Q: “Why can’t you make the missions pop in automatically, like achievements?” A: “We don’t want to have players ‘getting the missions’ just so. In order to get the tank and other rewards, you will have to make a certain effort. If you are too lazy to make the effort, you can continue playing like you did without paying heed to the missions.”
– Storm states that WG doesn’t want to implement lighter and lighter tanks without armor. It’s just that “choosing future branches is a complicated question.”
– Storm confirms that the missions are not balanced yet

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