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Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3622376.html

The real source of these answers is the non-public section of RU forums, if I see it correctly. Here’s what Storm wrote:

– new (reworked) crew perks will not come very soon, perhaps next year
– no plans to implement “crew memory” (SS: crew “remembering” skill from tanks on which it was previously used) – “at least at this moment”
– Storm on Havok: “We are working on it and we will for a long time yet, unfortunately.”
– the worst issue with Havok is the performance. “Small amount of destruction or the destruction of small objects works normally, but everything’s difficult with buildings”
– new French tanks will definitely not come in 2015 (SS: he means HT and new TD branches, AMX-30 minibranch still planned)
– there will be new regular branches in 2015
– Waffenträger E-100 will not be removed and replaced by any other vehicle, because “unfortunately, there’s nothing to replace it with”
– new tree, grass and bush render, circular render range and camo system rework are all planned for 2015
– currently, cca 200 people are working on World of Tanks (counting only developers)
– Storm states that RNG factor in the game will not be reduced, rather actually increased, but only by a little
– Storm states that following things are currently developed and it’s possible to start expecting them: “Havok, new physics, new sound, most (all) vehicles reworked to HD and camo/viewrange system”

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