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Hello everyone,

Storm talks about 9.5 and other matters in his latest microdigest:

– British MT/TD branch will have a tier 10, it will be the FV4005 Stage 2 (183mm without an autoloader). Yes, there will be two “oneshots” on tier 10, they will be divided by gameplay – one will be slow and armored (FV215b), the other relatively mobile and unarmored (FV4005, the turret is 14mm thick all around)


– there will be NO existing tank reworked into HD models in 9.5, there will only be new vehicles: 11 British vehicles and several new tanks for supertesters
– the 9.4 test sounds will NOT be implemented. On some configurations they have performance issues and the developers don’t have time to fix them, so the sounds will remain as they were in 9.3. At the same time, the public opinion on them will be taken into account and the sounds will be reworked.

From the discussion:

– Q: “Patch without HD tanks? I will cry!” A (Storm): “Crying right beside you :(((”
– Havok? “I can’t say anything. We are working mainly on performance and optimization now.”
– the British tanks in 9.5 are 11, because there will be two tier 5 (SS: Sherman III and Archer) and tier 6 (SS: Firefly and Achilles) tanks
– FV4202 switch ETA? “Noone knows”, won’t be in 9.5
– statistics do not show that platoons end up more often on the bottom of the team
– Action X and Chieftain were not balanced yet
– FV4005 Stage 1 was not implemented because “there are enough waffentragers for now”
– Sixth Sense rework will not come in 9.5, but “much later”
– strangely enough, T95 will not come in HD (the British will) – “we really needed that tank and we didn’t manage to make the HD model”

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