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Hello everyone,

Storm wrote a post about the new physics test which will start soon (according to some leakers, even today at 6PM CET, but that’s unfoncirmed). The new motion physics system (MPS) will have following characteristics and changes:


– the new MPS will allow you to pass small terrain obstacles (rails, small stones etc.) without loss of speed
– with both tracks stable on the ground while going with sufficient speed, the vehicle will be able to jump (cross) over various obstacles such as ditches, trenches etc.
– when braking sharply, you will get a “bonus” to gun depression due to the way the suspension interacts with the hull (the entire vehicle will shift forwards)

Improvement of tank handling when moving

– turning became smoother
– you now have more control over the turning radius, it’s easier to reach the desired turning speed

New maneuvers and using the handbrake

– when activating the handbrake at higher speeds, it will lead to sharp change in vehicle trajectory (“handbrake turn” or “police turn”)
– doing the same thing when turning backwards will significantly increase the speed, with which you turn
– it’s possible to easier handle the turning radius using the handbrake

Tank interaction during collision

– you can now tip the enemy tank on its roof if the conditions are met (weight difference, power etc.)
– it’s possible to make tank fall on its roof by pushing it off a ledge, bridge etc.

Interaction with surfaces

– the surfaces now have more influence on tank movement
– new graphic effects of “track slipping” (when grip is lost, the tracks will “slip”, rotating while the vehicle remains on the spot)

Other changes

– the tank mass can now be “felt” more
– it’s now possible to climb to some places where you couldn’t before (visual objects)

The test will consist of 10 maps and 15 tanks with the patch based on 9.2 build. A few videos:

How the new suspension doesn’t make the tank jump on every small obstacle (fluent movement):


Turns and slides:


Movement on rails


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