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Hello everyone,

Storm is talking about some of the upcoming changes in the game:

– developers are hard at work on the new motion physics, test will come soon. There will be two test versions: one will be more realistic with intertia and one will be more arcade-like, with some overrides (fixes) for better maneuverability
– developers are also working a lot on individual missions: descriptions are being fixed, many conditions will change, there will also be interface changes. Some of it will be implemented via a micropatch, some things will appear in upcoming patches
– analysis of the 9.6 accuracy changes shows that the amount of hits and amount of damage done after the change dropped by 0,5 to 2 percent. The amount of loss is depends directly on the vehicle accuracy and shooting distance. The biggest nerf happened to artillery.
– several HD models were removed from 9.7 content: AMX-50/100, IS-3 and Pershing. These vehicles had their collision models changed somewhat and since they are actively used in cybersports and there will be WGL grand final around the time of 9.7, these vehicles will be delayed to only after 9.7
– circular render range will come relatively soon. In 9.7, new BugWorld version will come and then Wargaming will deal with system matters, such as viewrange

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