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– HD IS-3 mantlet will be buffed to 150mm (in current 0.9.8 test it is 110mm)
– HD IS-3 turret armor sides will also be slightly buffed
– the penetration nerf that was leaked is according to Storm “unfinished work which I will not comment on”
– some tanks have bad penetration in the game? “Storm: all tanks are supposed to have some drawbacks”
– the “private reserves” mechanism in 0.9.8 test – the bonuses are very simple to get on test server only. After the mechanism is released, it will be much harder.
– there will be “many more” Domination tests with various conditions
– developers are considering many changes to artillery (including rebalance and adding more mechanisms to it)
– Storm states that the option to disable minimap “pings” will not be added “on principle”
– Storm is not aware of any issue with E-100 mantlet thickness, it’s apparently working as intended (some players were complaining it’s too easy to penetrate)
– Mäuschen and AMX 50 100 will not come in 0.9.8
– the fact you can complete individual missions in 0.9.8 test in the Domination is a bug, it will not be possible
– Super Pershing in 0.9.8 test did not have its mantlet nerfed
– Storm confirms: Panzer IV Schmalturm will be removed from sales because it’s not popular
– Panzer IV Schmalturm will come soon in HD, in HD it will receive its spaced armor screens as a part of its hitbox
– IS-7 buff in 0.9.8 is based on its statistics
– Storm will investigate alleged ghost shell issue in 0.9.7
– Foch 155 will not be buffed for now
– personal reserves mechanism is not tied to “Domination” mode
– the fog of war mechanism in random was not completely scrapped but it was postponed
– Super Pershing gun (accuracy, stabilization) will not be buffed
– World of Tanks will not have mirror matchmaking in random battles

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