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Hello warriors,

a little Q&A from Storm.

– Q: “Why did you rework to HD the tanks first and not the maps?” A: “Because it’s a tank game. Seriously.”
– it is now Storm’s opinion that there should be the option for some players to download ultra-HD textures even though most will not use them
– artillery will be rebalanced this year apparently – and by rebalance Storm mentions real rebalance, not nerf, with possible changes to the artillery mechanism. The insider adds that the new mechanism is apparently inspired by the Armored Warfare artillery
– Storm states that the rebalance (nerf) is the only correct way how to regulate the amount of (overpowered) class vehicles in battles, not hardcap.
– for Storm, the most important part of the 9.7 patch is the BigWorld upgrade that allows WG to implement new features. On the other hand, Storm admits that there aren’t that many new things for players in this patch – the French tanks and a new map.
– Storm states that patch 1.0 does not mean a “release” of the game, the game was officially released almost five years ago
– North-West will be completely removed from the game (“shelved” is the term Storm used), it will not return this year
– developers are discussing which maps to remove next (other candidates are Pearl River, Sacred Valley)
– some players experience less microfreezes in combat in 9.7 – Storm states it’s most likely the new Bigworld
– Storm is aware of the bug where it takes way too long for LT’s and arty to join combat, they are being blocked in the queue. The bug is being discussed, no solution yet.
– FV4202 switch will not come anytime soon
– there are plans for AMX-13/75 buff

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