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Hello warriors,

here’s some more info from Storm.

– there are no plans to put the Domination mode as one of the “standard” modes (assault, encounter) – the plans for it are “completely different”
– Storm confirms that the Domination mode will have more tests of various gameplay variants (changed flags and bases)
– Storm states that the feature from WoWs and WoWp where by pressing Alt key you see the distance to each target will not be implemented to WoT for now
– WZ-111’s credit coefficient is fine (some player was concerned that it earns too little)
– during the Warsaw WGL finals, Viktor Kislyi promised that big news would be revealed in two months. Storm states that he has no idea what he meant.
– Storm states that there were ideas how to improve the endgame (tier 10) by further grind but he will tell no details for now (a player mentioned a variant for example for a million XP gained with a tier 10 tank – unique camo or decal)
– the Japanese Tiger description in Russian is apparently wrong, it will be fixed
– some players are complaining that on Russian social networks, Wargaming was advertising “excellent graphics” of World of Tanks with this picture, which is clearly a doctored ingame IS-3 screenshot with the background not being from the game but a picture made by an artists. Storm confirms this theory but says he has nothing to do with marketing, he just develops tanks.
– AMX 50 100 and Mäuschen didn’t come out in 0.9.8 because WG did not succeed in putting them into the patch. They will come in 0.9.9.
– 0.9.8 will not bring any FPS boost
– Storm (angrily) replies yet again that the penetration nerfs on supertest are all tests and experiments, too early to talk about finalized version
– second British medium branch with Vickers tanks is not considered
– Storm states that the issue in 0.9.7 where you have to press the Tab key twice to switch between chat window is caused by mods, WG checked

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