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– 88 percent of players tried at least one Domination battle
– Some of the future Domination variants will be “unexpected”
– Dynamic platoons will be reworked (spam removed)
– In 9.9 there will be new medals for Domination to motivate platoon play
– In 9.9 shadows will be reworked and their quality and optimization improved, there will also be new water render
– 18 vehicles will have their collision model fixed in 9.9 (bugs, holes in armor etc.)
– While BigWorld allows WG to make 1500×1500 maps, this is not planned anytime soon
– FV4202 switch will come this year along with the Chieftain switch
– With “high probability” there will be a free tier 8 FV4202 given to players as a part of some mission
– FV215b (120) will actually stay in the game, developers are not sure how
– Japanese heavies in general are REALLY big (one is twice as big as the Maus) and very slow
– Japanese Tiger will be sold in premium shop in 9.9 and for gold in 9.10
– PvE is being worked on, bots are functional but it puts a lot of load on the server

– According to Storm three monts development reaction cycle (from input to implementation) is completely normal
– Storm confirms that the supertester opinion is taken into account during the feature implementation
– Storm is very satisfied with the results of the new anti-aliasing and graphic system overhaul (in 9.9), there’s no more “flashing” of textures
– There will be a new grass render, the grass will be made of polygons instead of just sprites
– WG for PC will have some HD models taken from the Xbox One – “those the realism of which is not that important”
– “Old” HD models will be reworked to the “new” HD quality
– Storm confirms that WT E-100 will be replaced
– AFK Panther will not stay in the game (“It’s kinda awkward. Who needs in anyway?”)
– WT E-100 breaks the game on high tiers according to Storm. It was sort of normalized but there are issues with it nonetheless (too much damage)
– Top tier British TD’s (183mm) have no suitable replacements although they have the same issue as WT E-100 (too much damage). Storm emphasizes: no suitable replacement FOR NOW
– There is “no normal solution” to fight banned mods
– T92 Light Tank will not come this year

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