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Hello everyone,

a few hours ago, first iteration of 9.7 did hit the supertest server (unnoticed, as everyone is going mental about the physics). A few bits of information before the flood is released tomorrow:

– apparently, 9.7 will contain only 5 HD remodel tanks: ELC AMX, E-100, Jagdpanzer E-100, IS-4 and T26E4
– Super Pershing armor got apparently nerfed AGAIN based on the first look, but this is unclear yet
– several new vehicles are in the files: Polish T-34/85 “Rudy”, IS-2 Berlin, ISU-122S Berlin, Cromwell Berlin – no idea what the last three are for, but they are not regular premiums
– according to private Storm’s comments on supertester forum, VK3002DB stats suck and it will be buffed

All for now. Funny thing though – yesterday, supertesters reported a new “city” map appeared on supertest… and today the “Berlin” vehicles. My guess? Some special event mode for the 70th anniversary, perhaps commemorating the post-war Berlin military parade?

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