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Hello everyone,

a fresh batch of info from the supertest.

Evilly mentioned that there will be a “crew surprise” connected to the IM’s. Well, the surprise is… female crewmembers. Whenever you recieve one token for completing 15 missions (you need 4 tokens for every tank out of 5), you get one for free, along with enough crew XP for one perk

Regarding the individual mission mechanics: it seems that every mission has a main objective and secondary objective. If you complete secondary objective as well as the main one, the rewards get bigger. Here are two examples of first two StuG IV missions (easiest), since those two seem to be ready. Remember how Evilly said that each “chain” of 15 missions is tied to a specific vehicle class?

First mission for LT is to be in top 10 in XP, the reward is 50k credits. But if you manage to survive as well, you get extra 25k.

Second mission is for HT and it is to destroy 1 enemy tank, the reward is 50k credits. But if you manage to deal more than 1000 damage, you get extra 25k credits.

Missions also now have tips, that should help players deal with them, such as (actual example from those two above): “Try to avoid attacking enemies frontally. Flank them or get behind them. You also should take a note of where your enemy is aiming at.” and “Your gun is powerful, but it still doesn’t mean you can penetrate enemies everywhere. Learn to find weak points.”

In case you are interested in the most difficult missions, these are the final missions you need to fulfill to get the ultimate prize, Object 260.

– currently, you need 20 tokens to recieve the IM reward tank
– each final battle in the chain (five chains) gives you 4 tokens for the primary requirement and 1 token for the secondary requirement

As a result, it means that you can complete only 4 out of 5 mission chains (avoiding for example playing artillery), but ONLY if you complete all primary AND secondary goals for those four.

It is not known whether you can complete the primary and secondary tasks independently (for example completing primary objective in one battle and secondary in another).

Additionally, for both primary and secondary objectives, you get one “female crewmember” with enough XP for one perk and completing secondary objective gives you 500k credit bonus.

Clarification, since for some reason it is not clear to some people – all these objectives must be met in ONE mission (eg. in ONE battle, you have to deal 8000 spotting damage with LT’s etc.)

– LT: deal 8000 spotting damage (secondary: get 5 spotting kills)
– HT: accumulate 20000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up (secondary: survive and win)
– MT: destroy 3+ enemy TD’s, that are at least one tier higher than you (secondary: survive, win and deal 3k+ damage)
– TD: deal 10000+ damage (secondary: destroy 5+ enemy tanks)
– Arty: be on first place in XP and damage dealt (secondary: survive)

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