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Hello everyone,

yestarday, a new motion physics system appeared on supertest of the first time. Obviously, it’s pretty hard to explain (even show on video) how different the vehicles feel, so I’m just going to put here the summary, that was published earlier.

– all the tanks now have better terrain passability, medium tanks can now climb practically everywhere
– it’s possible to flip tanks on their roof now
– it’s possible to make a “U turn” by using a handbrake
– a tank can move on one track for a couple of meters after it gets detracked, but you can’t steer if I understand correctly
– it’s possible for a tank to “rise” their frontal part during a collision, exposing their thin bottom armor – it’s completely possible to shoot them there
– braking became more difficult in some cases, it’s no longer possible to just stop from 60 km/h, there’s a chance that if you try, you’ll end up drifting
– it’s now easier to drive on the top of the enemy tank
– if you flip your tank on the roof, your ammo rack can explode

The leakers also speculate that the public physics test (scheduled for February) could be postponed to March, but this is not sure. The current iteration is very raw and unoptimized however.

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