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Hello everyone,

this is the upcoming tier 8 Soviet premium medium tank – intended for normal purchase, not an event tank or anything.



Developed in 1944 by Plant No.183. During its developments, many mechanisms and components of the T-44 tank were used. They were modified and fixed in order for the new vehicle to carry more armor and a better gun. According to one of the sources, first prototype was ready by the end of 1944, other sources however state another date – January 1945. The vehicle was trialed in March-April 1945. It was not mass produced.

Characteristics (for 100 percent crew):

Tier 8 Soviet MT
Hitpoints: 1400
Engine: 520 hp
Weight: 35,5 tons
Power-to-weight: 14,65 hp/t
Maximum speed: 44/18 km/h
Hull traverse: 44 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/1,822
Turret traverse: 45,9 deg/s
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 700

Hull armor: 120/90/?
Turret armor: 180/120/?

Elite gun: 100mm D-10T
Damage: 250
Penetration: 175
ROF: 8,022
DPM: 2005,5
Reload: 7,479
Accuracy: 0,345
Aimtime: 2,4s
Depression: -6




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