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The creator of World of Tanks, the company Wargaming, eye on the Belarusian market attractive asset. Wargaming in April signed an agreement on long-term strategic partnership with the company – developer of games Melesta Games Belarusian Alexei Meleshkevich.

The top manager Andrey Wargaming Yarantsev told TUT.BY, how to build a “Belarusian Supercell» and release a game that could overshadow the “World of Tanks”.

– Why is so much attention to mobile applications?

Firstly, it is the fastest growing segment of the gaming market. Over 2014 worldwide revenues of mobile applications has doubled and exceeded $ 25 billion, and the number of smartphones and tablets used more than 2 billion devices.

Second, mobile geymdev amazing and totally different from that to which we are accustomed to on the PC and consoles. There is a place and a clicker Flappy Bird, and giants like Clash of Clans, earns half a million dollars a day.

Thirdly, mobile devices now help us solve a lot of work and welfare issues and trends in the decline in their use do not loom on the horizon. Gadgets are so strongly intertwined in our lives that China has introduced special walkways for those who like to use their handheld device on the go. I do not be surprised if this event will go down in fashion worldwide.

In this way, mobile games – is a huge niche and support this trend – one of the strategic objectives of Wargaming as a business. A goal of any business – constantly evolve and not stand still. Be as mobile, if you =)

– Why you liked it Melesta Games?

Melesta Games appeared in 2007. Over the years the company has established itself as a great developer of casual and mobile games. The most successful team achieved in two genres: time manager and tower defense. Many players around the world know and love games like Farm Frenzy (more than 300 million plants) and the Toy Defense (more than 10 million units). Moreover, they are Belarusians, so we talked a lot and we knew each other practically everything.

– What does “strategic partnership”?

In many ways, our relations resemble a bunch of classic “designer + publisher.” That is, on the side of “Melesty” – inventing and developing games, and Wargaming helps in marketing and operation.
However, there are features. For example, for us it is important that “Meleste” preserved its unique culture of game development. We do not plan any restrictions on the setting or genre of games. That is, as a publisher, Wargaming reserves the final decision on the launch of new products that use the company’s brand. But it is important to understand that our cooperation does not put an end to the project “Melesty” is a military setting.

– What effect is expected from the acquisition?

This is not a purchase that is not the absorption of one company to another. Companies have a deal (I hope, mutually, time will tell) with clear lines of responsibility and authority, which will bring dividends each side.

The “Melesty” has successful experience in mobile game development, from Wargaming – a huge, loyal audience, and we would like to develop together and multiply this success, and perhaps find and occupy new niches / markets.
In fact, our goal – maximize the existing team of experienced developers, resources, communication and collaboration to build a “Belarusian Supercell».

– How long was negotiated?

The initiative came from both sides, therefore, common ground was found quickly. Since the inception of the idea of ​​co-operation (in December 2014) before signing the agreement (April 2015) passed with a small four months. Three of them went to the harmonization of legal aspects.

I would also note that Wargaming always builds relationships (whether customers, employees or business partners) based on mutual respect and dignity. Melesta Games profess the same approach; perhaps it helped so quickly resolve all the issues.

– What is the advantage of the growth is due to the acquisition of assets?

Business development is not possible without cooperation. Look at Apple and Samsung – the same fierce competition in the smartphone market. However, this does not prevent the Koreans successfully implementing the guys from Palo Alto processors and, until recently, displays.

In this case, the partnership with external studios – it’s always a fresh breath for us and for studios. We can learn and somewhere to adopt their experience and, in turn, to share their own.

It is no secret that for the production of high-quality game products need highly qualified specialists in their field. It is necessary to increase production capacity and to expand its presence on various platforms.

When Wargaming began to think about how best to build a mobile strategy, it considered several scenarios: to build expertise from within; ready to enter the well-coordinated team and agree on co-operation; do venture investing and invest in several studios. As a result, went to the second way, and made friends with the “Melestoy.”

– Is there still interest in the Belarusian market for Wargaming assets?

In Belarus, a lot of talented developers and world-renowned companies (EPAM, Viber). We must pay tribute to the education system, residents and the administration of the High Technologies Park, who are working on the creation of business incubators, co-working, give lectures and events. The purpose of these events is the same: to stir up the domestic start-up movement. Belarus – is a pool of talent.

Our common goal – to make sure that in the country there are more than promising IT-companies.

In fact, for the emergence of start-ups must be two basic elements: investments (money business angels) and investors (people with experience). If we turn to the experience of Finland, where the first generation of developers massively sold their company in 2004-2007. Having the capital on hand, they began to actively invest (steel business angels). However, in addition to money, they offered their expertise in the development, marketing and management, discussed with the teams, which products do and so on. D. A few years passed, and now the Finnish gaming companies (Supercell, Rovio) is equal to the whole world, and yet people Finland is half ours, and all IT-job market is a couple of thousand people (no more Minsk EPAM).

I hope that this approach will be developed in Belarus. It is important not to be afraid to share experience with colleagues, to be as open as possible and together to solve complex issues. Then the assets of interest not only for Wargaming, but also for other global companies (Google, Apple, Facebook), there will be more.

– What is the future growth strategy of the company?

right not to talk about growth and about development. If we talk about “Meleste”, the development strategy is simple – hit mobile games to make small professional team. The company now employs about 70 people that are distributed across multiple teams. It is a comfortable size that allows you to not only effectively manage the organization, but also to preserve culture, aimed at flexibility, speed of decision-making and commitment.

There Wargaming development strategy more diverse. Firstly, the company is thoroughly taken for the mobile direction. Given the market prospects, which we discussed above, this may be the basis for the company’s growth in the future. Secondly, the theme of war MMO will continue to evolve. The success of World of Tanks allowed to gain a foothold in their own niche and win the love of millions of players. We have an army of fans around the world, and we can not ignore their needs. And, thirdly, Wargaming will strengthen its corporate culture. This is part of the “internal kitchen”, and it may seem strange that I did mention this point. But experience shows that without excellent relationships within the team, not the same “chemistry” you will not leave a high-quality product, no matter what industry you work.

– whether already developed by you or by someone else toy that can eclipse the “tank”?

– History of “World of Tanks” – it is rather an exception to the rule. With this project, we have set ourselves very high standards, and now our goal – to release a game that could come close to his success. In World of Warships, by the way, in this regard, good prospects. The game is coming soon to the stage of open beta test, and while talking about the success of a bit early (touch wood), reviews the players and the press on the results of PTA and beta weekend suggest that the game comes with a bang. Let’s wait for the release!

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