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[1,999,002] Are you satisfied with the course of events “Excellence”? What next?

For us it is very important innovation: Unlike past events that were more “to sewage”, “Excellence” includes a large number of new mechanic. We are pleased with how the event: 88% of active players have tried to play in it. During the summer, we plan to develop “Excellence” and to please all of his new variations.

How do you assess the dynamic platoons and whether to develop this functionality?

This is not very large innovation, but we are happy with them. The number of players playing in the platoon has increased. We plan to further develop dynamic platoons: add the ability to invite opponents to fix the problems with spam messages and so on. D.

Will there be additional awards or combat missions for the “Excellence”?
The update 9.9 will be revised economy event. Running a little ahead, I will say that we will increase the profitability of “Excellence” will be more “farmerskim”, although it is worth understanding that the battles take place on the technique of X level, so that the economy is rarely profitable. As for the medals in version 9.9 in “Excellence” will actually added new rewards, both simple and complex to produce.
[1,999,004] Will bonuses to loans included in the personal reserve? [1,999,004 ]
It’s too early to say, but we plan to add bonuses to credit. This requires a careful consideration from the point of view of the economy. We will actively develop the private reserves in the next update. You may be able to receive them, not only in combat but also acquire premium store. Also in the future, private reserves will give a variety of bonuses.

What awaits us in the 9.9? [1,999,004]
most major innovation will be a new stage of development “Excellence.” While we can not share the details, but it will be very different from what we have now. The second important change – the schedule. Now is a very active stage of its global processing, and in version 9.9, you will already see the first important upgrade: a brand new anti-aliasing, shadows and much improved processing of lighting, improved water quality – there will optimize graphics in general.
[1,999,004] Will Fix for breaking implicit areas along the sides of some armored vehicles: IS-3, ST-1 and others? [1,999,004]
Yes, in the 9.9 update, we made changes to the models of damage more than 18 tanks and now pierce them through caterpillar, at acute angles, and so on. d. will not.

The experience of the “tanking” – waiting for us this?

In this kind of changes, developers have to be very careful – because the experience of the “tanking” increases the income of the whole experience, and therefore speeds up the overall pumping machines. We want to study the speed of technology has remained about the same as now. At the moment, we set up a learning experience for “tanking”. Works are carried out, but a little slower than we would like.

What awaits tank VK 45.02 B? [1,999,004]
This machine update 9.9 will be replaced by heavy tank IX level Mäuschen ( “Mouse”). Himself VK 45.02 B VII will be a promotional machine level. Now there is a balancing of the machine, the final performance and the level of the tank will be known after the test. Also it will be possible to play on a common test update 9.9.
[1,999,004] But whether there will be light tanks IX and X levels? [1,999,004]
The problem is that not all nations have technique that can be used as light tanks IX and X levels. Even if we can find the right projects for the popular branches of tanks, the rest will be deprived. Therefore, in the near future introduction of LT IX and X levels are planned.

When will the replacement FV4202? [1,999,004]
plans have not changed: we will change at Centurion Action X. The works are long because it was very difficult to obtain data on the tank. They arrived even to the British Museum to study the tower machine. We believe that this year’s replacement still happen. It happens with the British heavy tank level X to be replaced by Chiftain MK.II.

FV4202 be transferred to the category of premium cars VIII levels. Get it can be for the performance of combat missions.

What about rebalance armor penetration? Expand the details!

For a long time we tried to address this issue, make changes dot, but then realized that the problem is complex and requires a common approach. Especially, it is clearly visible on the VIII-X levels. June 18 we will start a short general test armor penetration. After analyzing statistics and player feedback will be decided on further revisions in this direction.

At what stage is the work on the physics of movement of tanks?

Work is conducted very active. In general, we are fine, the main area – is the optimization of physics on the server and bug fixes. The second direction – an automated transfer system parameters tanks in a new physical model because TTX carry each tank manually take years. Players are waiting for the new common tests, and everyone can try out this change.

would tell the Japanese branch of the heavy tanks?

branch very specific: none of these machines was not established in reality. These tanks are large, some are just enormous. These are machines with low dynamics, but we are confident that they will find their fans, because the Japanese “bands” are very different from what the players have seen before.

When you add to the game Japanese premium tank “Tiger I»?

In general, all test 9.9 can play in this tank. After the release of the update 9.9 will appear in the Premium product, and version 9.10 will be added, and the in-game shop. It will be an early version of the German machine tool of Tiger I with 8.8 cm and the earlier modification of the engine. Due to these changes in the tank reaches the level VI, which feels quite comfortable. This machine can be pre-start pumping crews for the Japanese branch of heavy tanks.

Will we see in World of Tanks PvE-mode?

Work in this direction are carried out. There are many applications of this format battles in our game. Now there are internal tests. As soon as we have something to show, we’ll show you!

Say a few words about historical battles.

We decided that releasing historical battles, when we will really Working concept. One of the options – a mission, where low-level tanks in teams will be playing only bots and players will be able to use more comfortable for them “top-end” technique. But while early to speak about it: this format battle is under internal testing.

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