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Stream “Tank environment”


May 6 19:00 (GMT) [1,999,008] to official channel Wargaming will be held once a warm stream tube and developers World of Tanks.

[1,999,030] What do you expect the audience

[1,999,014] in This issue of “Tank Protection”, you will learn about everything that happened in the game, and about her in recent weeks, as well as development plans for the near future.

During Stream every viewer will be able to ask a question in the chat, and broadcast in a special channel in the game client. And that communication has become even closer and more productive, offer to write comments and questions to developers in the “Twitter”, using the hashtag #WGSTREAM .

On our official twitter channel Text version of the broadcast will be held. Here you will find the most interesting information, as well as exclusive photos from the studio.

B group of World of Tanks Live in “VKontakte” will be organized voting for the combat mission to the public. Details you will learn directly during the broadcast. In addition, leading not forget to reward the players who completed the task last Stream.

all active in World of Tanks, you can learn from Calendar of Events .

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